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Lucky is a Kannada - movie directed by Dr. Suri. Starring Yash,Divya Spandana.

Lucky Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Radhika Kumaraswamy.

Lucky Review

`Lucky`- not so lucky in content (Kannada Movie Review)

Rating: **1/2

The star cast of the film will be incomplete without mentioning the dog called Zoo Zoo. The story of "Lucky" revolves around the two young protagonists, essayed by Yash and Ramya, but Zoo Zoo also plays an important character in the film. You can call it an antagonist in the film, at least for Yash`s character named Lucky.

Other than this fresh point in the film, which has given due importance to the relationship between the heroine and a dog, "Lucky" is too predictable, inconsistent and illogical. 

There is some humour in the film, but it would be too irksome to enjoy such comedy portions in the midst of many ill-conceived, cliched sequences in the film.

Story writer Ghouse Peer has also been influenced by Shah Rukh Khan-starrer "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi", in which King Khan is seen confusing the heroine with two different looks. Peer has tried to incorporate this idea into the story of the film, which treads inconsistently. 

The film`s director Suri seems to have been hell-bent on making this film an entertainer by hook or by crook. Therefore, he has taken lot of cinematic liberties which makes the film too farcical and silly. 

The first half of the film moves at snail`s pace. But except for the interesting second half, where the story moves forward to a little extent, the film could have ended as a below-ordinary fare. The narration in the last 20 to 25 minutes is quite absorbing.

Another sour point in the film is that Yash and Ramya do not share a great chemistry on screen. The director has focused more on the style quotient than working out some good emotional sequences. 

Though the conflict between the lead pair comes in the form of Zoo Zoo, the dog, there are not many situations which underscore the heightened differences between the lovers.

Now for the strong points of the film -- it is to the credit of director Suri that he made good use of talented cinematographer S. Krishna and music director Arjun Janya`s skills. 

Actor Yash scores well as a dancer, while Ramya looks good on screen.

The story goes on like this - Lucky is in love with a radio jockey Gowri. Everyday he makes it a point to present a set of flowers to Gowri and expresses his love towards Gowri though a radio station. But Lucky has to deal with Zoo Zoo, Gowri`s favourite dog, who provides her a lot of emotional support. Lucky exhausts all his plans to please Gowri.

His friend 420 lands him in trouble in most times by reeling out many cinematic plans. He advises Lucky to change his look and behave in a sophisticated manner. Lucky comes in the form of suave Vicky, who joins the same firm as Gowri. He pleases Gowri with his style, pleasing mannerisms and looks.

But when he proposes to her, she says she is impressed with Vicky, who loved her steadfastly, but also left her suddenly. Gowri says that Lucky became disappointed after she had refused Lucky`s offer of love. Now, Vicky faces another problem of proving that he is none other than Lucky.

Yash has a tailor-made role for him and he makes use of it quite effectively. His dance movements and style is sure to titillate the young crowd. Ramya, in her thirties, still has the glamour quotient to carry any film on her shoulders. Her performance is good towards the end of the second half.

Sharan and Sadhu Kokila score very well in comedy sequences. Though other veteran artists like Padma Kumata and Lakshmi Devi have brief roles, they fill in effectively.

Arjun Janya`s musical score and background score are top class. "Chennagidhyalle Neenu`, "Gowramma` and the title song compositions are good. S. Krishna once again proves that he is among the top cinematographers in the Kannada film industry.

The weak screenplay and faulty first half make "Lucky" an average fare despite its top technical content.

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