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Chingari is a Kannada - movie directed by Harsha. Starring Darshan,Deepika Kamaiah,Bhavana,Teju,Ramesh Bhat,Sumitra,Srujan Lokesh,Yashas Surya and Praveen;.

Chingari Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Mahadev, Manu Gowda.


Deepika Kamaiah


Ramesh Bhat


Srujan Lokesh

Yashas Surya and Praveen;

Chingari Review

Darshan sparks interest with `Chingari` (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: ***

The industry is witnessing a new trend -- young directors are now remaking Hollywood films in an attempt to attract less criticism, which they face when they remake films made in other Indian languages. 

"Chingari", directed by choreographer-turned-director Harsha with Darshan in the lead role, is a remake of Hollywood venture "Taken" that had Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen in the cast. 

The director has, of course, Indianised the film, but the imprints of the original are visible throughout the film. Though his first two directorial ventures were not commercial successes, Harsha seems to have struck the right chord with "Chingari". 

The director and his team of technicians have done a commendable job in giving a stylish touch to the narrative and Venu`s awesome cinematography has taken the film to a next level.

The major attraction of "Chingari" is certainly Darshan, thanks to his looks, charisma and talent to carry the role of an investigator. He looks absolutely stunning in many sequences and his trademark style in action sequences is a treat for his fans.

Having said that, "Chingari" suffers from some flaws too. The first half is well presented, but too many loopholes later pat disappoints viewer. But the last 20 minutes puts the film on track again and sustain the interest of the audiences.

Comedy sequences featuring Darshan are executed well, but some of the sequences look too lengthy and illogical. Harsha has also erred in including too many commercial elements in the script. 

Music is quite ordinary compared to the standards set by Hari Krishna himself in many recent films.

In the film, Raja is a police investigator who saves an international celebrity from the jaws of death and the guy is so grateful that he tells Raja that he can call him in time of need.

Raja is attracted towards guitarist Geeta, but they part ways because of some misunderstanding. 

Geeta flies to Switzerland for a music audition along with her friend. Meanwhile Raja, who keeps a track on her movements in the foreign country, comes to know that a gang involved in human trafficking has kidnapped Geeta. 

Raja wants to save his sweetheart and wants to fly to Switzerland and the celebrity comes to his rescue - he arranges a chartered flight for him. Raja rescues Geetha who has already been sold to a gang involved in prostitution.

Darshan impresses with his stylish looks, comical acts and breathtaking action sequences. He dominates the entire film with his superb screen presence. Harsha has ensured that. Darshan fans will enjoy the film as it has some punchy dialogues. 

Bhavana impresses too, especially in her dance number.

Deepika Kamaiah has worked hard to make her presence felt in the film. She has done her best in the first half where she has some good scenes with Darshan.

Srujan Lokesh, Sumitra, Ramesh Bhat, Praveen and Yashas Surya have performed well in their respective roles. 

Hari`s scored in background music.

"Chingari" is a well-made film with rich production values and top rated technical work.

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