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Tsunami is a Kannada - movie directed by Makam Manohar. Starring Raju Patil,Sonia,Rangayana Raghu,Doddanna,Tennis Krishna,Bullet Prakash,Gazar Khan,Killer Venkatesh and Bank Janardhan.

Tsunami Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Makam Manohar.
PRODUCER:Raju Patil.

Raju Patil


Rangayana Raghu


Tennis Krishna

Bullet Prakash

Gazar Khan

Killer Venkatesh and Bank Janardhan

Tsunami Review

`Tsunami` - watch it at your own risk (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: *

Before you think that the film is about tsunami, the only connect is the name of the film`s protagonist, who is found abandoned during a catastrophic tragedy that hit Indonesia and parts of south India.

It starts off with the television images of tsunami playing havoc. Since the abandoned boy`s name is unknown, he ends up being called Tsunami. Other than this, there is nothing that connects the title of the film to the story, which is totally non-existent.

Tsunami is low on technical content and has absolutely no story element. Everything is predictable.

Tsunami was under production for a long time and has finally seen the light of the day. It can neither be called an action film nor a thriller, as there is not even one sequence, which connects to reality or infuses some interest in the proceedings. The action sequences are badly picturised, and the camera work is pathetic.

The flashback sequences of the film are mostly in Hindi, which cannot be understood by the large number of regular Kannada film audience. 

Tsunami, the boy, is helping his adoptive father in his business in Mumbai. His efforts to improve the business compels him to rub shoulders with some anti-social elements, who end up killing Tsunami`s parents.

A disgusted Tsunami comes to Bengaluru and helps commoners in their fight against rowdy elements and during his quest, becomes a big don. Some anti-national elements want to take his help to engage in terrorist activities. Tsunami agrees to place bombs in some places in Bengaluru, but decides to teach the wrong-doers a lesson. At the end, Tsunami dies while saving the city.

Producer Raju Patil, who essays Tsunami, is unfit for the role. He emotes with a stiff face throughout the film and fails to register emotions required for the sequences. 

However, film`s lead actress Sonia is better. Lot of talented artists from the Kannada film industry like Rangayana Raghu, Bullet Prakash, Doddanna and Tennis Krishna have lesser scope to perform. 

Two Hindi actors Rana and Narang have been used in the film but they fail to make any impact. Sadguna Raj`s music is just ordinary. Watch the film at your own risk.

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