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Body Guard

Body Guard is a Kannada - movie directed by Anand. Starring Jaggesh,Daisy Shah,Spoorthi,Guru Datt ,Sadhu Kokila,Kota Srinivasa Rao.

Body Guard Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Parimala Jaggesh ,Narasimhan.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Vinaya Chandra.
SINGERS:S. Thaman.



Guru Datt

Sadhu Kokila

Body Guard Review

`Body Guard` average fare; only for Jaggesh`s fans (IANS Review) 

Rating: **

Jaggesh starrer "Body Guard" is the third remake of the Malayalam hit "Body Guard", which was directed by Siddique with Dileep and Nayantara in the lead roles. The film saw Nayantara`s return to the Malayalam movies after a long gap and is said to be one of the reasons for the film to become a hugely successful at the box office. 

Tamil remake was titled "Kavalan" and Vijay and Asin Thottumkal starrer received a satisfactory response at the ticket window, and the Hindi version starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor was a hit too. 

While the earlier three versions were directed by Siddique, Anand wielded the megaphone for the Kannada remake. In fact, he returned to direction after a long time. 

The film suffers on many counts. The artists selected for lead roles are miscast. Actor-director Guru Datt, who plays heroine`s father, doesn`t fit the bill either. Jaggesh, who does well in comedies, doesn`t look good in his role.

Poor production values has also affected the film badly. Though the Kannada version has followed the Malayalam original, its screen presentation is of low quality. The melodramatic twist in the last 20 minutes is certainly a treat for the viwers who have not seen the original or the other two versions.

Jaggesh has tried his best to salvage the film by his comic timing and peculiar dialogue delivery. But Jaggesh`s effort will not overshadow the weak points in the film which includes lack of depthness in the narration. 

The film moves at snail`s pace and crucial sequences are marred by poor writing. 

When a politician is attacked by his opponents, safety of his and his family members becomes an issue. So, Ashokanna hires Jayakrishna as his daughter Ammu`s bodyguard. Jayakrishna accompanies her even to her college, which makes things awkward for Ammu. 

Ammu pretends to love Jaykrishna and even calls him from a private number. 

But Ammu`s pretence becomes reality and she actually falls for her bodyguard. Meanwhile Ammu`s friend Poorna plays a spoil sport. 

How Jayakrishna and Ammu are united in the end forms the rest of the story.

Daisy Shah looks artificial and her performance leaves much to be desired. Spoorthi is just okay. Sadhu Kokila shines in comedy sequences. 

Ashok`s camera work and Vinaya Chandra`s music are much better when compared to other technical work in the film.

"Body Guard" is just an average flick which can be enjoyed only by ardent Jaggesh fans.

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