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Puthra is a Kannada - movie directed by V. Umakanth. Starring Diganth,Supreetha,Roopashri,Avinash,Sudha Belawadi,Sundar Raj ,Tennis Krishna.

Puthra Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: V. Umakanth.
PRODUCER:Anthony Paul.





Sudha Belawadi

Sundar Raj

Tennis Krishna

Puthra Review

`Puthra`is ordinary fare (Kannada Movie Review) 

Rating: **

"Puthra" is a remake of Tamil film "Em Magan" starring Bharath. The film was a moderate success and its highlight was the sentimental sequences. But the Kannada remake is certainly not well-crafted with its poor production values and very ordinary narration killing the soul of the movie. 

The essence of the movie which is reflected in the relationship between a very good son and his strict and enraged father fails to penetrate deep in the minds of the viewers mainly because director Umakanth`s narration lacks seriousness.

Despite very good performances by Diganth and Avinash, "Puthra" does not rise up to the standards of the original. 

The two actresses have competed with each other in delivering drab expressions and even the senior technicians have worked without any imagination. 

Despite being good to his family members and others, Krishna is much misunderstood by his short-tempered father Narasimha who runs a grocery shop. 

Despite being cowed down by his father, Krishna remains obedient and takes on all the insults heaped by him with composure. 

In his college, Krishna`s classmate Madhu loves him intensely. He likes his relative Thulasi but the two families have a long history of misunderstanding which separates them. 

He tries to unite the two families which further enrages Narasimha. Krishna and Thulasi
leave their homes and lead a separate life. 

How Krishna respects his father even after he acquires good reputation in society forms the climax of the film. 

Diganth surprises with his convincing emotional performance. He tries to save the film by understanding the nuances of the complex role. Veteran Avinash has excelled in the role of a tough father. 

The two heroines of the film fail to make an impact. 

Veteran actor Tennis Krishna has done a good job while Sundar Raj fills in perfectly for his role. 

Naveen Suvarna`s camera work is ordinary while Raja Ramesh`s music does not raise above ordinary levels. 

Puthra is an ordinary film despite a good story and neat performances from the two lead male actors.

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