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Allide Nammane Illibande Summane

Allide Nammane Illibande Summane is a Kannada - movie directed by Gopi Peenya. Starring Saurav Babu,Sriraj,Reena,Yagna Shetty,Daththanna and Padmavasanthi;.

Allide Nammane Illibande Summane Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Gopi Peenya.
PRODUCER:Saurav Babu.

Saurav Babu



Yagna Shetty

Daththanna and Padmavasanthi;

Allide Nammane Illibande Summane Review

`Allide Nammane Illibande..." rides high with newcomers (IANS Movie Review)

Rating: ***

"Allide Nammane Illibande Summane" is produced by NRI Saurav Babu, who has also written the story based on his own experiences. The film revolves around the identity crisis and peculiar challenges faced by NRI`s who find themselves in a bigger dilemma when they try to retain their roots in an alien country, which has its own social and cultural milieu.

Though the second half of the film is filled with regular commercial sentiments including the sequences relating to the extensively used cancer element, the film has lot of enjoyable humorous moments in the first half.

Gopi wins half the battle by narrating the more serious sequences with a touch of sensitivity, which is sure to touch people. Many dialogues in the film carry an earthy touch and comes as a natural conversation. There is also a local song sequence shot in the US where popular artists Jaggesh and Komal, siblings in real life, are used in their real life roles and it will surely entertain the audience.

The negative element in the film is the tragedy sequences - it revolve around cancer and has been over dramatised in the second half. Still there are sequences which make an impact.

Gopi Peenya, who has worked as an associate with director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar in many films and has also directed TV serials, uses his expertise in narrating the film with good song picturisations and humorous dialogues. Though he has introduced new artists in the lead roles, he has been able to extract good performances from his team.

Babu, a villager from Mandya district is in search of a job. After struggling for nine months, Babu lands up a job in the US. He gets in touch with Sudarshan who has a good job in the US. After his marriage, Babu becomes more closer to his friend.

Meanwhile, Sudarshan`s parents land up in the US. Then comes a twist in the tale when Sudarshan is detected with cancer.

Saurav Babu, who has more space in the first half, entertains with his natural acting skills. Naveen Krishna, who has dubbed for Saurav Babu, should take credit for the natural flow of rural accent filled dialogue delivery.

Another new face Sriraj makes a bigger impact and he gets enough opportunities to show his talent in the second half. Yagna Shetty makes an impact with her role. Another new face Reena from the US looks good in songs.

Veteran artists Dattanna and Padmavasanthi have performed extremely well in their roles.

P.K.H. Doss` cinematography is impressive - outdoor sequences in the US are shot well.

Guru Kiran has composed some good songs.

Gopi Peenya makes a good impact through his first film. Despite new faces in the lead roles, "Allide Nammane Illibande Summane" is sure to make an impact with audience.

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