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Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge is a Bollywood - movie directed by Nupur Ashtana. Starring Saqib Saleem,Saba Azad,Nishant Dahiya,Tara D Souza,Mita Vashisht.

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Nupur Ashtana.
PRODUCER:Ashish Patil.

Saba Azad

Nishant Dahiya

Tara D Souza

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge Review

`Mujhse Fraaandship...` must watch for social networking addicts ( IANS Movie Review ) 

Rating: ***

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge is a sweet teen romance in the times of broadband connection, social networking sites and fake IDs! It explores the pros and cons of the proposed `fraaandship` networking in our lives. It offers food for thought with - SACH is the key word and face to face connection is the best connection.

A new era love story, the film revolves around four characters - Vishal Bhatt (Saqib Saleem), Rahul Sareen (Nishant Dahiya), Preity Sen (Saba Azad) and Malvika Kelkar (Tara Dsouza). 

Set in a college campus, Vishal with pal Hacky (Prabal Panjabi) are up to pranks with fellow classmates. These initial scenes are a direct rip-off from the Hollywood film The Social Network. 

After a few complicated moments one realises that prankster Vishal is a good writer who pens lyrics for rockstar pal Rahul. Girls are crazy about Rahul, but Rahul seems indifferent towards them. 

Also on campus is an odd, boorish and unladylike Preity Sen who is good at photography. She happens to be friends with the hot and happening Malvika Kelkar.

It so happens that Malvika`s id pops up on Rahul`s profile page and since he is disinterested in adding friends on his Facebook, Vishal takes the initiative. But unknown to him Malvika`s id is being operated by friend Preity. And that`s where the complication in the love story begins. 

Vishal chats with Preity thinking it is Malvika. And Preity chats with Vishal thinking it is Rahul. They are head over heels in love in their virtual world. 

Meanwhile, the college is celebrating its silver jubilee. The theme for the evening is - A photographic documentary of the romantic history of the college. Vishal and Preity are forcibly thrown together for the project. The inevitable happens. They are attracted to each other, but they still fantasise about their virtual relationship. 

But how long can fake identities sustain the real love? Reality bites when they confront each other. 

Nupur Asthana has deftly handled this complicated love story. In the beginning one does get a bit disoriented trying to establish the complicated relationship. But after the initial hi-cups, the story sets in. The first half is nothing to write home about and the second half gets you hooked.

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge is a hackneyed love story but excitingly brewed with fresh faces. With an expressive visage, the film belongs to Saqib Saleem and Saba Azad. They are faces to watch out for in the long run. 

The bright attractive cinematography adds to the visual impact that captures the spirit of a foreign college campus. 

The dialogues are witty but at times seem to go a bit off tangent especially during the bar scene between Rahul and Malvika. 

Music by Raghu Dixit makes a commotion of ear-splitting happening on dance floor. The lyrics by Anvita Dutt is `Yuppie` and unusual. Vishal Dadlani`s coarsely vocals gels well with screechy voice of Aditi Singh Sharma and evokes out the musical confrontation in Hinglish hip-hop melodic mode.

The film tries honestly to create a bond of friendship with its set of urbane viewers and succeeds to a large extent in delivering it. A movie worth a dekho.

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