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Swayam Krushi

Swayam Krushi is a Kannada - movie directed by Veerendra Babu. Starring Rebel Star Ambareesh,Veerendra Babu,Thamanna,Suman,Charan Raj,Rekha V. Kumar,Satyajith,Biaenca Desai,Vijay Chendur,Chidanand and Umashri.

Swayam Krushi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Veerendra Babu.
PRODUCER:Veerendra Babu.

Rebel Star Ambareesh

Veerendra Babu


Charan Raj

Rekha V. Kumar


Biaenca Desai

Vijay Chendur

Chidanand and Umashri

Swayam Krushi Review

`Swayam Krushi` suffers due to Veerendra Babu`s performance (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: ** 1/2

Veerendra Babu, who owns several print media organisations and the television channel Swayam Krushi, has ventured into filmmaking with "Swayam Krushi". But he took too many responsibilities including essaying the lead role while making the movie.

Babu`s direction clearly shows his inexperience in filmmaking, but the real dampner is his performance as protagonist.

However, Babu should be praised for choosing composer Abhiman Roy who has proved to be a consistent performer as far as his compositions are concerned. He rocks again in "Swayam Krushi" by compsoing songs like "Yaro Jadugara", "Shuruvagidhe Ede Chippina", "Nee Barede Nanna Edeya Badidathadalli" and "Sriman Narayana Govinda". The songs are well picturised.

Cameraman Sudhkar and the film`s editor have also done a fairly good job.

The content rich "Swamyam Krushi" fails to make an impact because it lacks the necessary punch in its narration. It is mainly because Babu is a big let down as an actor. The role needed a strong actor with charismaitc appeal.

But Babu scores as a producer because he has not compromised in terms of production values as a result "Swayam Krushi" boasts of visual splendour.

There are some well known artists in the cast and they have done a fairly good job, including Ambareesh, who is seen as the chief minister. Suman plays villain`s role to perfection.

As a director, Babu has delivered a mixed bag - if some sequences are good, many crucial scenes are a let down. The film suffers mainly because of the failings of Veerendra Babu as an actor and his slipshod work as a scriptwriter.

But the strong content which focuses mainly on the personality development and ability to take up challenges and achieve success will attract the viewers.

In the film, after graduation Vijay Kumar moves to the city from his vilage on his mother`s behest. He starts his career doing some odd jobs and small business ventures. He is in love with Kalyani, who also encourages him to move to a big league.

Vijay`s plans to marry Kalyani is opposed by the latter`s father who wants his daughter to be married to a rich NRI. Vijay takes up the challenge to prove that even he can achieve big things in life.

The film`s heroine Thamanna, Biaenca Desai and item girl Mumaith Khan have nothing much to do. Veterans Suman and Charan Raj have done their roles perfectly.

Abhiman Roy`s music is a value addition for the film. The camera work is good in most parts. Dialogues are patchy and lacks any impact.

"Swamyam Krushi" is a mixed bag. The major letdown is Babu`s performance in leading role.

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