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Dheemaaku is a Kannada - movie directed by Mageshkumar. Starring Naveen Krishna,Pavani,Asha Saini,Sudha Belawadi,Rangayana Raghu,Giri,Vishal Raghavendra. Guest appearance - Jaggesh,Ramesh Bhat Komalkumar.

Dheemaaku Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mageshkumar.
BANNER: Ambika Cine Creations
PRODUCER:Smt.Pushpa Srinivasamurthy.

Naveen Krishna


Sudha Belawadi

Rangayana Raghu


Vishal Raghavendra. Guest appearance - Jaggesh

Ramesh Bhat Komalkumar

Dheemaaku Review

Poor script mars Naveen Krishna`s `Dheemaaku`

Dheemaaku means arrogance. The film deals with the arrogance of a rich and influential woman who creates all problems in the love life of her daughter.

Naveen Krishna, son of veteran actor Sreenivasa Murthy, forays as a full-fledged hero with the movie, which is being produced by his mother Pushpa Sreenivasa Murthy.

Though Naveen showcases his acting skills in the film, it suffers because of an unconvincing script and poor direction.

Naveen`s much expected big launch comes a cropper because of director Magesh Kumar`s weak handling of the script. It is unfortunate that Naveen is launched with this inconsequential film.

It seems that Kumar tries to present Naveen as a substitute to Rajnikant or Chiranjeevi, but fails in his endeavour. The director tries to make the film pacy by using his editing skills. He fails here too because of the faulty script.

Kumar creates more confusion by introducing too many characters. Some of these characters have been enacted by talented artistes like Jaggesh, Komal, Sharan and Bullet Prakash. But these characters lack depth and their gimmicks look incoherent.

There are too many twists and turns in the story and it works against the film. Many logical questions remain unanswered.

The first half of the film is full of antics of Balamurali Krishna (Naveen) who tries to please Priya (Pavani), the daughter of a rich woman. When Krishna and Priya decide to marry, the resistance comes from Priya`s mother. And then the confrontation starts.

In the end, Krishna convinces Priya`s mother.

Arjun`s music is one of the highlight of the film. Huchcha annu bejaaraagalla will please youngsters. Shankar Billemane`s dialogues are appealing. Vinod Bharathi`s camera work is impressive.

Naveen gives a good performance and he looks convincing in the role of a young lover. But Pavani can`t match up with him.

A good performance also comes from Flora Saini, who plays Pavani`s mother. Rangayana Raghu, Sudha Belawadi and Sundar Raj have played their roles with ease.

Vinod Bharathi`s camera work is also good.

But despite all this and a good technical back up, Dheemaaku ends up as ordinary fare because of a weak script and poor directorial work.

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