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Chinnada Thali

Chinnada Thali is a Kannada - movie directed by Vemgal Jagannath Rao. Starring Thilak Raj,Thungasri,Swathi,Devaraj,Ravindranath,Jigani Shanker and Ramamurthy.

Chinnada Thali Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Vemgal Jagannath Rao.
PRODUCER:Listo Entertainment India Private Limited.

Thilak Raj





Jigani Shanker and Ramamurthy

Chinnada Thali Review

`Chinnada Thali`; box office dud by Jagannath Rao (IANS Movie Review)

 Rating: 1/2

"Chinnada Thali" is a bad choice for veteran actor Devaraj who has won many prestigious awards. He should not have acted in such a bad film. Writer-director Vemagal Jagannatha Rao has delivered a dud.

In the film, Devaraj plays a cop who is a good samaritan and tries to unite lovers.

The film is not fit enough to be a television serial and the narrative is so poor that the audience would definitely regret watching it. Viewers need tons of patience to watch a film, which moves at a snail`s pace.

Mediocre efforts by the cinematographer and the editor also spoils the pace of the film. Maruti Mirajkar`s music is slightly better.

To add some commercial elements, Rao has picturised kissing sequence on actress Swathi, who also does a lot of skin show in the film.

Rich guy Vinod is in love with Vimala, who comes from a humble background. They elope to get married because Vinod`s father wants him to marry a politician`s daughter.

Vinod thinks his father may accept their marriage, but his cruel father tries to kill Vimala. Not ready to give up, Vinod`s father devises a plan to separate his son from Vimla.

On the other hand, Vimala`s father approaches his trusted friend and cop to trace Vinod. Finally, the sanctity of "Chinnada Thaali" is protected and Vinod unites with his wife.

Thilak, who showed a lot of promise in negative roles in "Ganda Hendathi" and "Meera Mohana Madhava", has failed to give a convincing performance in the lead role.

Bad script seems to limit his opportunities.

"Thungashree" doesn`t suit the role.

Even seasoned actors like Ravindranath and Rama Murthy have failed to give any convincing performance in their respective roles.

Technically, the film is so bad shows Rao`s lack of knowledge about the use of technology in Kannada films.

It is a waste of time to watch this film.

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