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Kiraathakaa is a Kannada - movie directed by Pradeep Raj. Starring Yash,Oviya,Nagabharana,Tara,Sankesh Kashi,Daniel Balaji.

Kiraathakaa Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Pradeep Raj.
PRODUCER:Sharavana Murthy.



Sankesh Kashi

Kiraathakaa Review

`Kiraathakaa` is lengthy but enjoyable (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: ** 1/2

Pradeep Raj directed "Kiraathakaa" (note the spelling of the film which can give you how our producers are conscious of numerology) is a remake of 2010 Tamil hit "Kalavani", which won the hearts of the people with local flavour and neat performances. The comedy sequences in the original were fresh and new girl Oviya was impressive too.

But the Kannada version, a frame to frame copy of the original, does not have the same quality.

Apart from tiring length, "Kiraathakaa" also suffers from ordinary dialogues and lack of local flavour. The dialogues reflect slang used in Mandya district, but unfortunately other than this nothing else shows peculiar elements of Karnataka`s rural life.

Though the film`s hero Yash impresses as Nandeesha, the performance of some other artists could have been better. Surprisingly, veteran actor-director T.S. Nagabharana fails to deliver.

Actress Oviya fails to match up her performance in her first Tamil film "Kalavani". More than anything else, it is the length of the film that makes it a tedious watch.

There are too many sequences overemphasizing rivalry between two villages and look unnecessary addition in the narrative. Frankly, the title does not suit the story of the film and the character of the hero, who is just a fun loving prankster.

Even with these negative points, "Kiraathakaa" has its moments. Breezy narration in the first half with fun elements thrown in, it is thoroughly enjoyable. The romantic sequences look fresh.

The story revolves around the rivalry between people living in two villages -Chickarasina Kere and Dodda Arasinakere.

While Nandeesh is from Dodda Arasinakere, his lady love Nethra is from the rival village. Antother problem is that Nandeesh doesn`t get along with Nethra`s brother Seena who is looking for an opportunity to fight with him and his prankster friends.

Nandeesha and Nethra`s relationship intensifies the disputes between the two villages and Seena is looking for an opportunity to crush Nandeesha. Things get worst when Nandeesha kidnaps Seena`s fiance and to take revenge Seena decides to marry his sister to someone else.

Yash, who has so far performed only urban roles, gives a live wire performance as a rustic village boy. Oviya looks glamorous in songs. Taara impresses with her performance. Sankesh Kashi is good in all the comedy sequences.

V. Manohar shines with his composition. The song "Belli chukki" and "Kendavare hoove" are melodious.

"Kiraathakaa" is a neat film, but could have been a better watch if it had been shorter in length.

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