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Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi is a Tamil - movie directed by Raaj Menon . Starring Arya,Narain,Aadhi,Prakash Raj,Sampath Raj,Pooja Umashankar.

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Raaj Menon.
BANNER: Red Carpet
PRODUCER:Raj Zacharias.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Navneeth Sundar.

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi Movie News

Did 'Kadavul Paathi...' out of friendship: Pooja Umashankar

Actress Pooja Umashankar, who will be seen in a cameo in the upcoming Tamil road movie "Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi", says she agreed to work in the film because of her long-term friendship with its director Raj Zacharias.Read More

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi Synopsis

This Film is the outcome of camaraderie... A mid morning dream dreamt by a cluster of friends...And when director and producer share a same wavelength, it shows in the output - Says director Raaj Menon on his directorial debut Kadavul Paathi Mrigam Paathi...The out and out action film starts rolling next month end. The pre-production work is on.

Sound design is done by Oscar winner Resul Pookkutty after the gigantic hit Enthiran, stunt choreography by Anal Arasu and Laurent Avare, and editing done by Sreekar Prasad. Enthralling music arranged by Navneeth Sundar, who was associate to Musical Maestro Ilayaraja and James Vasanthan. Pappu, who is behind the camera was a long time associate to famous camera person Rajeev Ravi, in films like DevD, Gulal, Classmates and many other Bollywood hits.

Arya, Narain, Aadhi, Anoop Menon, Prakash Raj, Sampath, Athul Kulkarni, Santhanam, Ganja Karupp etc. fills in to the star cast. Kadavul Paathi,Mirugam paathi is all set to roll in the exotic locales of Tanjore, Kunbhakonam, Vaitheeshwaran Koil, Pondicherry and Chennai.

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