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Namitha I Love You

Namitha I Love You is a Kannada - movie directed by Jayasiha Reddy. Starring Namitha,Pritviraj,Srikanth,Akshata Shetty,Gollahalli Shivaprasad,Tennis Krishna,Bank Janardhan ,Dingri Nagaraj.

Namitha I Love You Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Jayasiha Reddy.
PRODUCER:Ravi Teja Reddy.


Akshata Shetty

Gollahalli Shivaprasad

Tennis Krishna

Bank Janardhan

Dingri Nagaraj

Namitha I Love You Review

`Namitha I Love You` leaves you with a headache (IANS Movie Review) 

 Rating: *

One warning. Even if you are a die-hard fan of Namitha, the diva from south, don`t expect too much from this film. There is nothing titillating in this film except for a song or two that exhibits her dancing skills.

Jayasimha Reddy, who is the director, scriptwriter and the music composer of the film, comes across as a sloppy technician who has absolutely no idea about filmmaking.

It is easy to pinpoint many mistakes in each shot but that process would go on endlessly.

While Reddy is a culprit here, the cameraman`s fault too cannot be understated. And with a bunch of bad actors, "Namitha I Love You" makes you feel helpless. It is sheer anarchy that goes on in the name of narration.

Sunanda is a yoga teacher who has joined the LOVE college (Loyala Oriental Versatile Education College) to reform the sex-starved students.

She teaches them the importance of studying first, and craving about other things later. The reformed students pass-out with flying colours, and Sunanda bids them an emotional farewell.

Alternatively, another love track is progressing which ends in a tragic note.

Namitha wears skimpy clothes only for a dance sequence, and performs a little bit of action as well. However, her attempts to have an image recast through this film flounders because of the poor script.

Some of the actors repeatedly get the expressions wrong while the rest of the star cast is wooden faced.

The film`s technical side is again a letdown and makes it look as if it`s made on a shoe-string budget.

Please avoid this film at any cost.

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