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Khadeemaru is a Kannada - movie directed by Ha Su Rajasekhar. Starring Deepak,Tilak,Ajeth,Jagadish,Priyanka,Madhuri,Shobaraj,Adhi Lokesh ,Padma Vasanthi.

Khadeemaru Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Ha Su Rajasekhar.
PRODUCER:: Amarchand Jain ,Vijaya Surana.





Adhi Lokesh

Padma Vasanthi

Khadeemaru Review

Give `Khadeemaru` a miss (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: *

Veteran film director Ha.Su.Rajakumar has directed so many films that he might have lost count. But there is not even one film other than "Curfew", which he made two decades ago, that could be counted for quality and substance.

The million dollar question is that how does a mediocre director like him get opportunities to make films every year? Writing about the merits of the film is pointless as there is nothing to talk about.

"Khadeemaru", a remake of Sanjay Gupta produced Hindi film "Plan", bores you to death. Just a few months ago, the same team had remade Ram Gopal Verma`s Hindi movie "Kaun", which was equally bad.

"Khadeemaru" has known faces but none of them have showcased talents in their previous films except Tilak, whose performance as a villain in few films is noteworthy. Even in "Khadeemaru" it is only Tilak who makes his presence felt.

Actresses Priyanka Chandra and Madhuri do not add any colour to the insipid story. Some character artists essay their roles as if they were underpaid. Even director Rajashekhar has not made any attempt to create the right mood for the film because re-takes would have cost extra money.

The technical values of the film are so bad that you feel that the cameraman was absent during the shooting. Music director M.S. Maruthi has done a poor job.

Four friends - Ajith, Sanjay, Pradeep and Thilak, who come from different background, decide to make some fast buck. They try to kidnap a celebrity but instead kidnap Prince, an underworld don. Prince is being attacked by his rival, but the four youngsters save him. Later Prince joins the group to wipe out all his enemies.

"Khadeemaru" is an oridinary film, which can be missed.

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