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13th belief

13th belief is a Malayalam - movie directed by Shaz Shabeer. Starring Vinay forrt,Bright Sam,Vidya Lakshmi,Asgar .

13th belief Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Shaz Shabeer.
PRODUCER:Strikers & Crew.
STORY WRITER:Shaz Shabeer.

Bright Sam

Vidya Lakshmi


13th belief Synopsis

Strikers & Crew the leading Marketing Company in south India, launches their first motion picture production ,  ‘13the Belief’, a thought packed fiction of an ordinary man who lives in a flat situated in a sophisticated town in kerala. Written for the screen and Directed by Shaz Shabeer, an ad filmmaker and movie-marketing professional based in Cochin. Movie based on beliefs of 13th number, this number are treated as symbol of bad luck around the globe and it been banned from our societal system as well. Is this a belief or unbelief? 13th belief defines what is belief and religious skepticism, Movie offers thirteen new beliefs and 13th belief has bean tagged as  “a prophet and 13teen beliefs”. 

Established ad film cinematographer Jomon T John worked on Camera. Music and sound department Headed by bollywood based sound designer Renganathee ravi, who recently worked with Gautham Vasudev menon’s Nadu Nissi nayagal as     sound designer. Editing Samjith Mhd.  Story intiative :S. Ranjith, VIvek Muzhakunnam , Script Co writer : Rajesh pillai. Associate Directors: Krishna Gopal, Anuraj Kaithapuram.

13th belief hit the market soon.

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13th belief trailer

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