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Made of Honor

Made of Honor is a Hollywood - movie directed by Paul Weiland. Starring Patrick Dempsey,Michelle Monaghan,Kevin McKidd,Sydney Pollack.

Made of Honor Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Paul Weiland.
PRODUCER:Neal H. Moritz.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Tony Pierce-Roberts.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Patrick Dempsey

Michelle Monaghan

Kevin McKidd

Sydney Pollack

Made of Honor Review

`Made of Honor` - a cliched romantic comedy

Rating: *

Hollywood regularly churns out romantic comedies and they most often disappoint. The romantic comedies of the golden era had wit, portrayed love as an adventure and had enough friction to create heat - but hardly ever any more.

Made of Honor comes to us now as a perfect example of the formula that Hollywood employs in creating flat and unsatisfactory fares. It is cute, safe and rather uninspiring.

Patrick Dempsey of the hit TV show Grey`s Anatomy is still trying to break into movies after his equally dull Enchanted failed to impress. Michelle Monaghan shines in this movie but goes on to prove that a weak and soggy script can undo even the finest acting attempts.

In the end, this movie just might be remembered as the last on-screen appearance of Oscar-winning Hollywood director and actor Sydney Pollack, who plays Dempsey`s father. He injects some much needed spark, but his scenes are too few and surprisingly, they feature some of the crudest lines this wholesome Hollywood icon has spewed on screen.

It isn`t very hard in the first few opening scenes itself to predict the plot - the girl and boy go through the movie not knowing they are meant for each other only to find out right at the very end.

This cliché is played out too faithfully in the movie and just to rub it in, we have the boy ride out to win his woman on a horse. There is nothing wrong with a clichéd story line as long as it has sharp wit and humour. And this movie falls flat on both counts.

Dempsey`s character, who is clearly meant to be a charming devil, is neither believable as a philanderer nor does he have enough roguish charm to make us like him.

Dempsey plays Tom, a millionaire living off a hugely successful invention. His best friend is Hannah with whom he can be completely honest. Tom suddenly realises that Hannah is indeed the one for him when she goes to Scotland.

But it is too late. Hannah has found a Scot who wants to marry her and Tom is picked as the `maid` of honour. He then tries to be the best maid of honour possible so that he can win Hannah over.

The most disappointing aspect of the move is the sheer rigidity with which it sticks to the formula. Though spared from anything crude, it lacks a sense of edginess. Never once do we think the boy and girl are not going to end up together.

In this summer of action blockbusters, the ones who would enjoy this movie are those who need a break from the action. For them, this movie delivers, and is much like that perfect comfy sweater that always fits.

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