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Mohabbath is a Malayalam - movie directed by East Coast Vijayan. Starring Meera Jasmine,Anand Michael,Munna ,Nedumudi Venu,Shivaji Guruvayoor,Jagathy Sreekumar,Jaffer Idukki.

Mohabbath Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: East Coast Vijayan.
PRODUCER:East Coast Vijayan.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:S. Balakrishnan.
STORY WRITER:Siddique Shameer.

Mohabbath Synopsis

It is the emotional elegance of the love-soft moments of the new age that each frame of Mohabbath conveys.  Even though time changes, the mind and sweet mood of lovers do not change.  East Coast  that sang a secret language of love to those in love now creates a warm visual magic in Mohabbath.

 It is a new pearl that rises from the creative genius of East Coast Vijayan.  It is also the dream-come-true of Siddique Shamir whose novels pulsated with the passion of Malabar. 

Mohabbath is also the romantic honey-dew of Meera Jasmine whose darting eyes hide a thousand sugary dreams.  It is also the exuberant celebration of vibrant youth throbbing with non-stop festivity. Now, hold your breath and wait for Mohabbath!

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