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Kempe Gowda

Kempe Gowda is a Kannada - movie directed by Sudeep. Starring Sudeep,Ragini.

Kempe Gowda Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Shankare Gowda.


Kempe Gowda Review

`Kempe Gowda` entertaining masala movie (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: *** 1/2

Sudeep directed "Kempe Gowda" is a fast paced entertainer which keeps the audience on tenterhooks throughout the second half. The film, a remake of Surya starrer "Singam", is a well-packaged film with extraordinary performances by Sudeep as well as Ravishankar, who plays a baddie.

The film boasts of best technical work by cameraman S. Krishna, background score by composer Arjun, fantastic action sequences by Ravi Varma and Danny and well-choreographed songs by Harsha and Pradeep Anthony.

But the songs are not so impressive except "Tara, Tara" and the title number.

Sudeep has perfected the art of remaking non Kannada films and has been giving positive results in offering perfect entertainment to audiences. "Kempe Gowda" shows his brilliance in improvising the substance compared to the original films` production values, presentation or performance from artists.

In totality, "Kempe Gowda" is as good as as his previous directorial ventures like "My Autograph", "Veera Madakari and 73", "Shanthi Nivasa".

The film has several strong points, but the one thing that stands out is Sudeep`s and Ravishankar`s performances.

Ravishankar plays what Prakash Raj did in "Singam", and proves his mettle by playing Armugham, a don Bengaluru.

However, there are some points which Sudeep could have focused on and it would have made the film much likeable.

Sharan`s comedy pales in comparison to Vivek`s in the Tamil version.

The film is about a clash between police officer Kempe Gowda and ferocious don Armugham.

Sudeep has clearly excelled as an actor and director of the film. His dialogue delivery, body language and action are perfect feast for his fans. Ravi Shankar matches every bit of it to give a tough competition to Sudeep.

Raagini adds glamour by looking beautiful in songs, but she needs to improve her acting skills.

Girish Karnad, Tara, Ashok and other veteran artists have done their respective roles well.

"Kempe Gowda" is a masala entertainer and audience may lap it up. Watch it for Sudeep and Ravishankar`s performance and fantastic technical values.

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