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Vismaya Pranaya

Vismaya Pranaya is a Kannada - movie directed by Mohan Mallepalli. Starring Mayuri Saini,Kavya Sri,Ravi,Raj Sagar,Sathyajit,Hema Choudhary.

Vismaya Pranaya Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mohan Mallepalli.
PRODUCER:Ravi ,Mayuri Saini.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Martuthi Mirajkar.

Mayuri Saini

Kavya Sri


Raj Sagar


Hema Choudhary

Vismaya Pranaya Review

`Vismaya Pranaya` makes you want to walk out midway (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: *

"Vismaya Pranaya", produced by multilingual actress Mayuri Saini, is a real horror with low technical standards and wavering performances from its artists. Director Mohan Mallipally not only shows his incompetence in handling a sensitive subject, but also fails to extract earnest performances from his artists.

The illogical screenplay coupled with badly-written dialogues completely bogs down the film. The lead actors, especially Raj Sagar and Ravi, perform so bad that you are tempted to walk out of the film half-way. The unsuspecting audience would be left cursing their luck for opting to watch this film.

The story is a recipe for disaster. Meera hates men because her mother has been ditched by her father. But her sister Arpitha is seriously in love with good-natured Ajay. Though initially Meera expresses opposition to their marriage, she finally gives the go-ahead.

But Meera`s notions change after she closely watches Ajay, who is too good to be true. Her hatred for men disappears and Meera secretly starts lusting after Ajay and tries out many devious plans to separate the couple.

She becomes a psychological wreck in the process and what happens in the climax is the most unconvincing twist in the film.

Except for Mayuri Saini, who plays the role of a psychiatrist, all the other artists make little impact. Raj Sagar is undoubtedly the worst of the lot. Kavyashri is expressionless. Less said the better about for the veterans. The music is not worth discussing while the camera work is just ordinary. Handicapped by a weak screenplay and bad performances, "Vismaya Pranaya" is a total washout. Look for better alternatives.

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