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The Nanny Diaries

The Nanny Diaries is a Hollywood - movie directed by Shari Springer Berman,Robert Pulcini. Starring Scarlett Johansson,Chris Evans Alicia Keys,Laura Linney,Paul Giamatti.

The Nanny Diaries Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Shari Springer Berman,Robert Pulcini.
PRODUCER:Richard N. Gladstein.
STORY WRITER:Shari Springer Berman,Robert Pulcini.

Chris Evans Alicia Keys

Laura Linney

Paul Giamatti

The Nanny Diaries Review

Director Robert Pulcini has created a fun film based on Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus`s bestseller of the same name.

The Nanny Diaries pans camera on the high society moms living in Manhattan`s Upper East Side. Through an outsider`s eyes, the film shows the dilemma of super rich women leading superficial life.

The film allows the viewer to get into the two different worlds. Despite being predictable, it is an enjoyable movie.

The story revolves around Annie Braddock (Scarlett Johansson), a fresh graduate confused about her future. While her mother (Donna Murphy) wants her to take a job in business, Annie wants to pursue anthropology.

After her disastrous first interview with a financial firm, disheartened Annie starts analysing herself and reaches Central Park to mull over her future. As fate would have it, she bumps into Mrs. X (Laura Linney), a wealthy mother from the Upper East Side.

Mrs. X is in desperate need of a nanny for her son Grayer (Nicholas Art) and mistakenly assumes Annie for one. Without wasting any time, she offers Annie a job and despite the warnings of her best friend Linette (Alicia Keys), Annie accepts the offer.

Little did she know what awaits her in the X household. After initial shocks, Annie discovers that despite its luxurious lifestyle, the family is truly dysfunctional. Real happiness eludes the X household.

While Mrs. X spends time on shopping, spa trips and charity shows, her husband is busy philandering. Neither of them has time for their son.

The only good thing that happens to Annie is Harvard Hottie (Chris Evans). A superrich boy, who loses his mother at an early age and is brought up by nine different nannies, Harvard falls in love with Annie.

Linney looks perfect in the role of a high-society Mrs. X and Paul Giamatti suits the role of portly loathsome financier, who makes a pass at every woman he comes across. Johansson fits the role of a confused youngster looking for the right perspective in life.

Pulcini provides an insight into hypocrisy of Manhattan`s upper crust and entertains the audience by taking potshots at their ultra glamorous but shallow and hollow lives.

Watching The Nanny Diaries is a pleasurable experience.

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