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Bindaas Hudugi

Bindaas Hudugi is a Kannada - movie Starring Priya Haasan,Ravishankar,Sharan,Mithra,Jayanthi,Girija Lokesh,Suresh Mangalore.

Bindaas Hudugi Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Mohan Gowda-Gowramma.
STORY WRITER:Priya Haasan.

Priya Haasan





Girija Lokesh

Suresh Mangalore

Bindaas Hudugi Review

`Bindaas Hudugi` engaging and entertaining (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: ** and 1/2

Bindaas Hudugi is Priya Haasan`s second directorial venture and she features in the movie as a daring girl who robs the corrupt and greedy people to help blind children in an orphanage. She has certainly shown improvement in her directorial skills, but as an actress she needs to work a lot.

Over all, Bindaas Hudugi entertains and engages the audience, thanks to the narrative, which is filled with commercial elements. But the logic takes a back seat in the proceedings.

Another highlight of the film is technicians` work. R. Giri makes a big impact with his cinematography and music is also good.

Coming to the flip side of the film, the script goes haywire many a time, but thankfully Priya makes amends immediately by including a good engaging sequence with loads of laughter. She seems to follow in the footsteps of Vijayashanthi and Malashri to essay the action-oriented role, but needs to improve her style and body language to give a powerful and convincing performance.

The film can be described as a mixed bag and the positive elements have edge over the flaws. But Priya should have also done some homework while scripting the movie. Logic is a casualty in the film and there are many scenes which can only be laughed at.

The story revolves around corruption. In the film, a corrupt chief minister tries to hide his black money. He puts the money in a bag and keeps it in a Maruti Omni and asks his trusted servant, who does odd jobs in his house, to roam in the city and return next afternoon. The servant is unaware of the chief minister`s plan.

When Income Tax officials raid the chief minister`s house, they have to return empty handed. Meanwhile, the servant goes missing. On the advice of an advocate, the worried chief minister hires small-time thief Priya to trace the servant.

On the other hand, the chief ministers`s colleagues get suspicious about his intentions and they too hire two other thieves to find the missing servant. A policeman, who is in disguise and is in love with Priya, follows the three of them.

Bindaas Hudugi is much better than Priya`s directorial debut Jambada Hudugi.

The plot has too many loopholes but the effort is successful as the film entertains.

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