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Gubbi is a Kannada - movie directed by Vijay . Starring Ajit,Girish,Deepak,Reema Worah,Rangayana Raghu,Bobby,Petrol Prasanna.

Gubbi Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Anaji Nagaraj.




Reema Worah

Rangayana Raghu


Petrol Prasanna

Gubbi Review

`Gubbi` - a complete entertainer (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: *** and 1/2

It is very difficult to classify a film like "Gubbi" produced by Anaji Nagaraj and debutant director Vijay. "Gubbi" is certainly a slick action thriller which also looks like a hotchpotch of many commercial elements like thrills and sentiments. There is also a love angle in the film.

But whatever way you describe the film, "Gubbi" will certainly satisfy you as a complete entertainer.

Despite having many new faces in lead roles, young director Vijay has been able to make a perfectly watchable film with good performances, pleasing music and thrilling action sequences.

Kudos to Vijay who has tried to project his film in a realistic fashion despite basing his script on a run-of-the-mill story. Another thing which may well appeal to the audience is that the narration looks logical and credible. The director should be complimented for showing his hero as a normal student and not a super human being with gigantic strength. The whole bunch of five students fight it out with villains jointly which is a good element in the script.

There are some flaws in the film one fo them is that the director has used the remix of a popular song "Neerinalli Aleya Ungura" from the 1960s film "Bedi Bandavalu" as an item song, which is really in bad taste.

Another problem is that Vijay has not polished first half that does not have enough depth. There are many unnecessary sequences. But the real strength of the film is its second half which is engaging, entertaining and perfectly handled.

The story goes like this: Five friends Gautham, Balu, Badri, Indresh and Ummi are close to each other. Gautham meets Ramya they become friends.

Gautham and his four friends witness don Naidu killing someone in a theatre. But they are unable to help investigating officer because of the pressure to close their mouths shut by the don`s close accomplice.

Later Gautham comes to know that Ramya is his childhood friend Sahana. When he tries to meet her to disclose the secret, a tragedy occurs and Ramya is seriously injured because of a gang war carried out by the don.

While Ramya is lying in a hospital in the coma stage, Gautham and his friends decide to bump off Naidu. They try to contact police, rowdies to settle scores with Naidu. But all their attempts fail to yield results. Then the five friends decide to fight it out with Naidu directly.

Ajit scores well in his second film. He can be counted for delivering good performances in action and emotion oriented films, though he is found wanting in comical sequences.

Reema Worah has such a magnetic appeal that she carries off very well in her role. Girish, Deepak, Vishwa are really good and the supporting cast has also delivered neat performances.

The film`s music is top class and the background score too makes a good impact. M.R. Seenu`s camera work is perfect.

Gubbi may not be a great film or a trend setting film. But nevertheless it is a film which is extremely a good watch because of a neat screenplay and narration. Vijay shows lot of promise as a director in his first film.

Gubbi will be a treat to watch for youngsters and an enjoyable fare for the family audience.

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