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Moggina Manasu

Moggina Manasu is a Kannada - movie directed by Shashank. Starring Radhika Pandit,Shuba Punj Sangeetha Shetty,Yash,Manasi,Skandha,Manoj,Harsha,JD Nagaraj.

Moggina Manasu Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Shashank.
PRODUCER:E. Krishna.

Shuba Punj Sangeetha Shetty





JD Nagaraj

Moggina Manasu Review

`Moggina Manasu` - clean, enjoyable family entertainer

Moggina Manasu is produced by E. Krishnappa, who made 2006 Kannada blockbuster Mungaru Male. This may not be a Mungaru Male in terms of its content, but is really an impressive movie with melodious music and captivating camera work.

The highlight of the film is fresh and inexperienced artists like Radhika Pandit, Shubha Poonja and Yash who have done extremely good work in this neat film that has an important message for youth.

Director Shashank shows promise in his second film by engaging the audience by narrating an off beat story which deals with the problems of four teenaged girls who are in search of their own identity in a setting that is totally alien to them. The film is relevant as shows how modern lifestyle clashes with the traditional upbringing.

Moggina Manasu also focuses on ragging in colleges and the confused state of mind of teenaged girls about their relationship with boys, director Shashank has made sure that he doesn`t cross the line.

Other than making it an interesting watch, he also gives a message through the film. In this endeavour, he has been helped by some competent performance including freshers and veterans. And the technical team of music director Mano Murthy, cameraman Chandrashekhar and editor Suresh Urs also gives able support.

Radhika Pandit is the pick of the lot. Shubha Poonja, who has already worked in a few films, has done a commendable job. The other two girls have done well in their limited opportunities. But among the four new boys it is Yash who stands out. Debutants Skanda, Manoj and Harsha too impress.

While Mano Murthy has scored melodious songs for the film, cameraman Chandrashekhar has captured some fantastic visuals in his outdoor work.

The flaw in the film is that it drags in a couple of sequences and despite some small twists and turns, there are some predictable sequences. But its USP lies in the fact that it is a family entertainer.

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