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Sanchari is a Kannada - movie directed by Kiran Goyi. Starring Raj,Biyanka Desai,Dileep Raj,Rangayana Raghu,Subbaraju,Bullet Prakash.

Sanchari Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Kiran Goyi.
PRODUCER:Lakshmaiah, Ramappa, Prabhakar.


Biyanka Desai

Dileep Raj

Rangayana Raghu


Bullet Prakash

Sanchari Review

Sanchari does not stand up to expectations (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: **

"Sanchari" had created a lot of interest among the Kannada film fans as its songs were a big success. The songs topped the charts in music programmes and television channels.

Director Kiran Goyi had made an honest effort in his previous attempt "Payana" but "Sanchari" does not stand up to the expectations it had created before its release because of a weak script.

Though the songs of the film are well picturised, the film lacks a cohesive script which can engage the viewers.

It is easy to count the plus points as much as the negative points of this film which has introduced Raj in the leading role of the film.

Frankly, Raj is the plus and minus point of this film. Though he has done a fairly good job in the action sequences, he is really a compromise in the acting department.

Kiran Goyi has taken lot of interest in projecting his heroine and also in the picturisation of songs, but he has not shown the same level of interest in the script and the dialogues department.

The climax sequence of the film is not only lengthy, but badly handled. The run of the mill story takes several turns but the narration and dialogues look amateurish and silly.

Goyi could have taken care to make a perfect choice of artists as some of the artists look thoroughly incompetent to essay the given roles.

Bindu is the daughter of a politician-cum-industrialist who has been given a ticket for contesting an election by his party. Another ticket aspirant Gujri Gurappa is angry with this development and wants to somehow create problems for the girl`s father.

He assigns the job of kidnapping Bindu to his trusted hireling Raj. He kidnaps Bindu and later they fall in love. How his love triumphs in the face of opposition forms the rest of the story.

Raj has to improve a lot in the acting department. Full credit goes to Biyanka for doing a good job in her role. Rangayana Raghu and Telugu actor Subbaraju make an impact. All the other artists just fill up the titles of the film.

Music director Arjun has done a good job. He has composed the music to suit the tone of the film. "Gaaliye Nodu Baa" and "Suththodu Suththodu" have already become popular. This talented music director needs a big break.

Vijay Mohan has done a good job behind the camera.

With all its minus points, "Sanchari" deserves a dekko just for its songs.

How Raj convinces Bindu to fall in love with him in the beautiful locales of Madikeri and how he fights the bad man portrayed by Mentala (Shobraj) forms the crux of the story. Raj and Biyanka have put in honest efforts while Rangayana Ragu and Shobraj are good in their respective roles. The climax could have been better.

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