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Krishnan Love Story

Krishnan Love Story is a Kannada - movie directed by Shashank. Starring Ajay Rao,Radhika Pandit,Neenasam Achyutha,Aswath and Naayi Chandru.

Krishnan Love Story Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Shashank.

Ajay Rao

Neenasam Achyutha

Aswath and Naayi Chandru

Krishnan Love Story Review

`Krishnan Love Story` provides aesthetic entertainment (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: ***1/2

Shashank has done it again. After "Moggina Manasu" that bagged five Filmfare Awards, the director has come out with another probable winner in "Krishnan Love Story".

In fact, "Krishnan Love Story" is much better than both his previous films, which were much appreciated for the sensitive narration and the convincing screenplay.

It was a much-awaited film and Shashank`s work has matched the expectations the movie`s promos had set.

"Krishnan Love Story" is certainly a fantastic effort and Shashank has proved again that he can be relied upon for making something unusual. Though the story per se is not unusual, but Shashank has been able to hold the audience spellbound with his superb narration.

Shashank deserves a pat for making his story look believable. The towering performance by the artists leave you with a sense of bewilderment and the technical work is stunning. The art direction and the editing deserve praise too.

The first half is nothing exceptional, but the movie`s second half is interesting. Though the film has too many twists in the latter half, director Shashank has not compromised on quality. The film moves at a much faster pace.

The story revolves around a middle-class guy, Krishna, who falls in love with practical-minded lower middle-class girl Geetha. Geetha refuses Krishna`s overtures though she is much attached to him. Krishna gets a shock when he learns that Geetha has eloped with his rival.

In a twist to the story, Geetha`s fiance gets killed in a road accident while they are on the way to the temple for their wedding. An injured Geetha returns to her house to find that Krishna is still in love with her. Krishna convinces her that his love is true, but the climax is not the happy ending one would expect.

Shashank has extracted the best from all the actors. Ajay and Radhika Pandit have delivered one of their best performances of their careers. Radhika will definitely be in contention for another award this time.

Ajay too has improved by leaps and bounds from his previous films. His body language, voice modulation, expressions are just perfect for Krishna`s role. All the other artists have done exceptionally well.

The technical work in the film is top class. Chandru`s camera work is magical. The tight frames and the mood lighting have added to the film. Sridhar`s music complements the narrative.

The songs "Santheyalli", "Neenaadadha Maathu" and "Mosa Maadalendhu Bandheya" are well written, shot and choreographed.

"Krishnan Love Story" is a film not be missed by movie-goers looking for aesthetic entertainment. And Shashank has moved several steps ahead as a director.

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