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Thamassu is a Kannada - movie directed by Agni Sridhar. Starring Shivaraj Kumar,Padmapriya,Yash,Harshika Poonacha,Nassar,Shobharaj,Jai Jagadish.

Thamassu Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Agni Sridhar.
PRODUCER:Syed Aman Bachan, M.S Ravindra.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Sundarnath Suvarana.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Sandeep Chowta.

Shivaraj Kumar


Jai Jagadish

Thamassu Review

`Thamassu` a stunning directorial debut(IANS Film Review)  

Rating: ***1/2

Writer and journalist Agni Sridhar makes a stunning impact with his directorial debut "Thamassu", an unusual film in a commercial format. It has a contemporary theme and the narration is sure to touch your heart.

Looking at issues like growing religious intolerance and human rights, Sridhar has shown a lot of maturity in his work.

The filmmaker and his team should be complimented for highlighting the essence of human values and showcasing the dangers of communalism.

Sridhar`s efforts are backed up by great performances by lead actor Shivaraj Kumar and Harshitha Poonachcha, who plays a Muslim girl traumatised by her brother`s death.

Cameraman Sundaranath Suvarna`s frames capture the film`s mood very well. Another highlight is Sridhar`s hard hitting dialogues. He has used many flashbacks also in the film.

But the movie does have some minor flaws. Though the first half is narrated in a brisker pace, the second half has some dragging elements. And the climax sequence could have been stronger.

In the story, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Shankar is a duty-bound officer, who goes to any length to punish the guilty. But his methods are not liked by his superiors and his wife, who is a doctor and a human rights activist.

Shankar is deputed for a tough assignment to control riots in Tannery Road in Bangalore where he is attacked by Hindu extremists and lands up in a Muslim family`s house.

Shankar soon learns that he had killed Imran, the son of the Muslim with whom he is taking shelter, in a shootout.

Overcome by guilt, Shankar later wants to know whether Imran was really a terrorist. Shocked to know that he was misled, he becomes very close to Imran`s family.

Shivaraj Kumar has given a brilliant performance and deserves accolades for accepting such a challenging role. Padmapriya has very little opportunity to showcase her talent, but gives her best nevertheless.

Harshitha is the pick of the lot and she can certainly be groomed into a good actress. Nasser has also given a touching performance.

Sandeep Chowta`s background score is interesting but the song compositions are just average. The song picturisations too could have been better.

"Thamassu" may not have universal appeal but it still is a must watch.

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