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Preethiyinda Ramesh

Preethiyinda Ramesh is a Kannada - movie directed by Guna Kumar. Starring Ramesh Arvind,Rumaneethu Choudhary,Suma Guha.

Preethiyinda Ramesh Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Guna Kumar.
PRODUCER:Ravi Kumar.

Ramesh Arvind

Rumaneethu Choudhary

Suma Guha

Preethiyinda Ramesh Review

`Preethiyinda Ramesh` worth a watch only for Ramesh Arvind (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: * 1/2

The premise of "Preethiyinda Ramesh" is new age technology. It shows how two strangers become thick friends through internet chatting.

Director Guna Kumar had claimed that he has seen the same old element of love in the contemporary setting of internet chatting and new applications. But the narrative is so boring and dull, it neither makes an interesting viewing nor does it have elements that could be seen in new light.

The film would have ended up as an outrageously silly film, but lead actor Ramesh Arvind`s lively performance saves it.

"Preethiyinda Ramesh" is worth a dekko only for Ramesh.

The title of the film, which has been derived from a successful TV show hosted by Ramesh Arvind, does not connect to the film`s story.

"Preethiyinda Ramesh" has many weak points including unconvincing sequences which hardly make any impact. It completely lacks emotional content and there is no room for any tension or curiousness.

The first half makes you wonder why a talented actor like Ramesh accepted the film in the first place, but thankfully the second half is not so dull. The climax could have been a little more interesting and attractive.

To add some elements to the commercial viability of the film, Guna Kumar has provided space for some ridiculous fights and skin show.

In the film, Preethi is engaged to Kiran but continues to chat with Ramesh. Both of them keep their identities confidential but share their happiness and sorrows. Ramesh starts a big book store in the same street where Preethi owns a small book shop.

Thanks to Ramesh`s store, Preethi loses heavily. She starts hating Ramesh without knowing that he is her internet friend. What happens later is to be watched on screen.

Ramesh has done his best to give a creditable performance. Rumaneethu Choudhary lacks the glamour quotient and ability to convey right emotions. Suma Guha`s presence in the film is limited to some skin show. All other artists have limited opportunities to show their talents.

"Nenapina Aleyali" is a good song composed by Raveesh. The picturisation could have been better. Worth a one-time watch for Ramesh`s ardent fans.

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