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Accident is a Kannada - movie directed by Ramesh Aravind. Starring Ramesh,Rekha,Pooja Gandhi,Dinesh Babu,Tilak,Mohan,Sudharani,Balaji,Pathy Aiyar,Chaitanya,Rajendra Karanth,Mahesh Kumar Longa,Roshan,Gym Bhasker.

Accident Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Ramesh Aravind.
BANNER: Vishista Productions


Pooja Gandhi

Dinesh Babu





Pathy Aiyar


Rajendra Karanth

Mahesh Kumar Longa


Gym Bhasker

Accident Review

Versatile multilingual actor-turned-director Ramesh Arvind`s Kannada film Accident, which released Friday, has been made keeping the young audience in mind.

The story revolves around a team of young happy go lucky professionals. The ambience is modern and completely urban. And Ramesh succeeded in keeping the right pace for the film.

The film is an action thriller made by a brilliant team of professionals. It arouses curiosity and suspense, with the mystery unravelled only in the last minute.

Ramesh earlier directed two comedies with considerable success and his third directorial venture shows him to be a better craftsman.

Besides direction, Ramesh wrote the story and screenplay.

The jarring note in the film is the characterisation of a minister. It fails to gel with the film. Rajendra Karanth in the minister`s role plays spoil sport with poor mannerisms and atrocious dialogue delivery.

Ramesh has not taken care to fine-tune the script in the sequence in which a senior bureaucrat is murdered by the minister and his henchman.

The storyline is that Radio Jockey Sawanth and his wife Vasundhara are a compatible couple that leads a happy life.

Vasundhara is an activist who takes up many social issues and gets into the wrong side of anti-social elements. Sawanth leaves for training abroad and on return learns that his wife died under mysterious circumstances.

Sawanth tries to investigate the matter along with his friends and in the process comes to know that his wife has been murdered. He gets some leads, but many people involved in the murder get killed.

Finally Sawant is able to unravel the mystery behind the death of his wife.

Ramesh delivered a brilliant performance as Sawanth. Rekha has done a good job as Vasundhara.

But it is Pooja Gandhi who excels in a bubbly role, though it turns into a serious mode in many sequences.

Ricky Kej`s music is another major attraction of the film. Kunal Ganjawala`s Baa Maleye Baa (Come Rain, come), the Dandia song and a group song shot in Goa have been well composed.

Veteran cinematographer G.S. Bhaskar has done an excellent work behind the camera. Soundar Rajan`s editing work compliments the pace of the film.

Accident is a thriller made with good production values and one would thoroughly enjoy watching it.

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