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Antharathma is a Kannada - movie directed by Shankar B. Starring Mithun Tejaswi,Vishaka Singh,Rohan,Umashree and Rangayana Raghu.

Antharathma Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Shankar B.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Giridhar Diwan.

Mithun Tejaswi

Vishaka Singh


Umashree and Rangayana Raghu

Antharathma Review

Spooky elements in `Antharathma` entertain (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: ** 1/2

"Antharathma" is inspired by Swayze and Demi Moore starrrer Hollywood film "Ghost", which won best story Oscar for Bruce Joel Rubin. Like "Ghost", Shankar`s directorial debut "Antharathma" is also a fantasy movie, which arouses some interest because of freshness in narration.

Had the director worked out better music for the film, the critical response would have been even better.

This is Shankar`s first outing as a director, but despite his inexperience, he has made attempts to make right adaptation to make the proceedings interesting. He has got adequate support from artists like Umashree and Rangayana Raghu who elevate the film with lot of flair.

In fact, Umashree`s elegant performance really adds entertaining elements to the proceedings and saves the film.

The graphics gel well with the film.

"Antharathma" does not have a dull moment, which is the highlight of this nondescript film made with debutants and not-so-popular artists.

However, Shankar has also made a few mistakes like including an unnecessary item number and allowing Rangayana to overact. And the film fails in the logic department because these days when photo identity is necessary for opening a bank account, he shows that Rs.14 crore is withdrawn just on the basis of a fake phone call.

The story revolves around Shyam and his loving wife Mayee. Then there is Rohan, who also works with Shyam. The couple trust him. Things take an unexpected turn after an erroneous entry by a bank that results in Shyam`s account getting around Rs.14 crore. Shyam tells his friend Rohan about the mistake and wants to take corrective steps.

But on the same evening Shyam is murdered. He becomes a ghost and wants his loving wife to lead a happy life. But he comes to know of Rohan`s conspiracy to kill him and siphon off the funds from his account. Shyam`s ghost plans to take revenge with the help of another ghost.

Mithun Tejaswi has put in good efforts to portray Shyam, but it is Bollywood actress Vishaka Singh who surprises with her neat performance. Debutant Rohan has done a good job in the negative role. Umashree who steals the show as fake magician Chowdamma.

Sundarnath Suvarna`s camera work is very good, but Giridhar Divan`s music is okay.

"Antharathma" may not be as good as "Ghost", but it still entertains with its spooky elements.

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