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35/100 - Just Pass

35/100 - Just Pass is a Kannada - movie directed by H.T. Deepak. Starring Vikram Joshi,Shwetha,Raghu,Manojava,Shanker,Kiran,Ranganath,Chitra Shekar,Jagadish,Bhopal,Mangalore Harshitha.

35/100 - Just Pass Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: H.T. Deepak.

Vikram Joshi







Chitra Shekar


Mangalore Harshitha

35/100 - Just Pass Review

`35/100 - Just Pass` a good watch (IANS Movie Review)

Rating: ***

35/100 - Just Pass is a film made by some passionate film buffs from the software sector. Everyone connected with the film except the producer and the director are working in various software firms in Karnataka. A deep interest in films and literature motivated these youngsters to team up to make a film with honesty and commitment. 35/100 is the latest addition to the small list of recent good films like Jugari and Dildaara.

You can appreciate them for their passion and their commitment to make a good cinema, but analytically this ends up as just a good attempt than a very good film. Honestly, the film needed a little more preparation and hard work.

Since the film is made in a limited budget and has been shot with a digital camera, technically it has many loop holes. Though the film is realistic in its presentation, lack of technical content has diluted the impact. But the director has managed to convey the message.

The film tries to convey that it is not necessary that youngsters fulfil all their ambitions and that they should move on without losing hope. Deepak`s script, which doesn`t have any cliched commercial elements, has successfully conveyed the message.

The film revolves around four college boys who love the same girl and want to marry her. All of them convey their feelings to her but have to face disappointment. But these four youngsters move on in their lives and do well for themselves. They show a lot of maturity by respecting the girl`s decision.

Deepak has shown college life in true light. From hostel to fights -- everything looks natural and realistic.

The performances of the new artists could have been much better. But newcomer Shwetha is really impressive. Raghu, Vikram Joshi and Manoj Joshi can improve upon their performances.

Camera work and music is above ordinary. Though the film`s title is Just Pass, it passes with flying colours.

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