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T.D.Dasan Std.VI.B

T.D.Dasan Std.VI.B is a Malayalam - movie directed by Mohan Raghavan,. Starring Biju Menon,Mala Aravind,Jagatheesh,Indrans,Jagathy Sreekumar,Master Alex Paul,Sruthi Menon,Shweta Menon,Shruthy Menon,.

T.D.Dasan Std.VI.B Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mohan Raghavan,.
BANNER: Presta De Lexa Moviedom
PRODUCER:Paul Vadukumchery, Paul Valikodath.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Sreevalsan J Menon,.
SINGERS:Kalyani Menon, Jinsha,.
LYRICIST:Rafeek Ahammed ,.
STORY WRITER:Mohan Raghavan.

Mala Aravind


Master Alex Paul

Sruthi Menon

T.D.Dasan Std.VI.B Synopsis

“Long ago Snake Gods traversing with sacred diamonds used to rest on palm trunks after tiresome flights. The village toddy collector would offer some of the day’s toddy to these Snake Gods at the base of the tree. Nothing could be hidden from tall palm trees who held their heads high towards sky. In those days palm trees used to bow their heads for the toddy collector to gather toddy from the ground itself!. The trees don’t do it anymore, after they found his wife broke the rules of chastity.”

 The story of the film revolves a mother and a son in a village in palakkad with tall palm trees, traditions and beliefs of the past as those age old palm trees that sway with the wind. Chndrika is the mother, and dasan is her eleven year old son. Chandrika’s husband Divakaran left her when Dasan was just a year old. Their relationships had not been smooth. He used to write earlier when he went, nobody knows his whereabouts now. Nonchalant Chandrika is bringing up her son with a job in a match factory. Though his mother has no pleasant memories of his father, Dasan is dreaming of him. Accidentally he finds Divakaran’s address in Chandrika’s cloth box. Dasan ventures to write a letter to his father Divakaran secretly… The letter never reaches him, but travels through many other lives, generating unforeseen repercussions and opening unexpected possibilities…

When fact and fiction merge like light and shade, even grief become gratifying.

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