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Three - Love, Lies And Betrayal

Three - Love, Lies And Betrayal is a Bollywood - movie directed by Vishal Pandya. Starring Ashish Chowdhry,Nausheen Ali Sardar,Akshay Kapoor.

Three - Love, Lies And Betrayal Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Amita Bishnoi,Bhagwanti Gabrani.

Ashish Chowdhry

Nausheen Ali Sardar

Akshay Kapoor

Three - Love, Lies And Betrayal Review

"Three: Love Lies Betrayal" - yet another infidelity tale (IANS Film Review; Rating: **) 

The Scottish locales shot with tender care by cinematographer Pravin Bhatt in "Three..." are in one word breathtaking. In two words breathtaking and eloquent. And if you want a third word - ominous!

Often thrillers about disturbances within the human heart are manifested in outdoors that mock the deceptive method behind the madness.

That theme is taken to quite a peek-a-boo peak of visual beauty in "Three..". As the title suggests there are only three characters locked in a battle for property in a Scottish mansion.

Akshay Kapoor is the embittered husband, pounding away on his laptop in search of virtual gratification. Once a television star, Nausheed Ali Sardar gets the tough role of a wife trapped in a loveless marriage. She tries to blend the guilt of Mala Sinha in "Gumrah" with the deceptive sensuality of Zeenat Aman in "Dhund". But this isn`t the occasion for high ambition.

Ashish Chowdhry gets the role of a lifetime as the house guest-turned-psychotic intruder, who wants to take over the couple`s life and home.

Debutant director Vishal Pandya keeps the theme of adultery and deception going without getting his plot into a mess. There`s an uncluttured, stripped-down quality to the narrative that helps us get into the sordid triangle without much ado.

The narrative is elegantly paced. And the dialogues hint at a layer of eroticism without actually reaching for it. Come to think of it, there`s an absence of lovemaking sequences in a film that talks about infidelity...Not even a kiss!

To its credit, the film keeps us watching to the end, not necessarily because we care for these despicable characters caught in what one of the trio calls a `Kaminey contest` but because we want to see how and if the threesome pick up the broken pieces of life.

Suspiciously close to Ira Levin`s play "Deathtrap" in the way the husband, wife and intruder cross each other`s prickly path, "Three..." is carried forward by eye-catching locales and good background music by Raju Khan.

The three main players go from over-the-top to the absent-minded without bringing the plot down. Akshay Kapoor, as the weak, embittered and violent husband, has the toughest part. He gets some of the most ironical and hard-hitting lines.

Inebriated and driving back with his wife and her secret lover, Kapoor mocks himself for being the `wife` in the marriage.

"She wears the pants, I wear the skirt. In bed there`s a Great Wall Of China between us," hisses Kapoor while the wife Nausheen Ali Sardar tries to look embarrassed.

She barely succeeds. Just like the film.

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