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Bhagyadevatha is a Malayalam Drama movie directed by Sathyan Anthikkaad. Starring Jayaram,Kaniha,Narain,Samvrutha Sunil,Innocent,Nedumudi Venu,K. P. A. C. Lalitha,Mamukkoya,Vanitha Krishnachandran,Reshmi Boban,Lakshmipriya,P. Sreekumar,Rugmini,Sethulakshmi,Vettukili Prakash,Nikhila Vimal.

Bhagyadevatha Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Sathyan Anthikkaad.
SCRIPT WRITER:Sathyan Anthikkad,Rajesh Jayaraman.
EDITOR:K. Rajagopal.

Bhagyadevatha Review

`Bhagyadevatha` a must watch (IANS film review)  

Rating: ***

The title denotes the personification of dame luck in this latest offering by director Sathyan whose films tell a simple story culled out from reality.

Set in the lush green backdrop of Kerala`s fertile Kuttanad region, it is about lower-middleclass cable television operator Benny (Jayram) and his marital travails after marrying Daisy (Kanikha) in return for a promised dowry.

Benny`s torment due to his poverty-based need for money and his family`s attachment to the eternally adjusting Daisy are depicted with utmost sincerity and candid reality leading to a simple, thought-provoking climax sans pontification.

Sathyan has handled the subject with aplomb, subtly pointing out the soft underbelly of the society`s ills without preaching, yet provides solutions.

Brilliant framing by Venu and stirring music by Raja etch one of the best portrayals by Jayram.

Tragedienne matron Lalitha breathes life into her middle-aged role of Benny`s mother depicting the dilemma of her filial affection for her son contradicting her sense of justice towards a loving daughter-in-law.

This dame-luck is certainly a must-watch.

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Bhagyadevatha trailer

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