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Mooraneya Class Manja B.Com Bhagya

Mooraneya Class Manja B.Com Bhagya is a Kannada - movie directed by Sai Sagar. Starring Manjesh,Ashwini,Sathyajith,Honnavalli Krishna,Asha Latha,Narayan.

Mooraneya Class Manja B.Com Bhagya Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Sai Sagar.
PRODUCER:C. Narayan.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Venkat-Narayan.



Honnavalli Krishna

Asha Latha


Mooraneya Class Manja B.Com Bhagya Review

Sai Sagar`s `Mooraneya Class...` is disappointing fare (IANS Film Review)
Director Sai Sagar has moved away from sickle and sword to romance in his third directorial venture Mooraneya Class Manja B.Com Bhagya. While his previous two movies - Mental Manja and Thimma - were disasters, this one is no different.

The film boasts of a love story, but the narration is so lacklustre and crude that you feel like proscribing the entire project. The film`s narrative proves that Sai Sagar is not equipped to make a decent film. Meaningless and illogical script is visible from the first sequence and expose Sagar`s poor writing skill.

Sagar`s poor taste is also visible in a scene where he uses an item number where a funeral procession is taking place.

In another sequence, the hero tells his grandfather to wear his shorts in front of his lover. And there is a kissing sequence in the film, which is shot quite distastefully.

Except for the music by Venkat-Narayan, nothing works for the film. Even cinematographer has failed to use some tricks to save the film. The director has not infused any seriousness into the film, obvious from expressionless faces of actors.

The so called comedy sequences fail to make any impact.

The story is about Manja, a school dropout. He is in love with Bhagya, who is doing B.Com. Manja`s attempts to woo Bhagya is resisted by her father and her rowdy brother. Manja fights with Bhagya`s brother and decides to elope with her.

Performance from lead artists - Manjesh and Ashwini - is disappointing. Ashwini gets a better opportunity in the film compared to her debut movie Varasudaara, but is made to overact. Sathyajith, Honnavalli Krishna, Ashalatha have nothing much to do in this listless film.
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