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Artist is a Malayalam - movie directed by Shyamaprasad. Starring Fahadh Faasil,Ann Augustine,Vanitha Krishnachandran,Sreeram Ramachandran,Sidhartha Siva,Krishna Chandran,Srinda Ashab,Rudran,Sandeep,Syamala.

Artist Cast / Crew
BANNER: Sunitha Productions
SINGERS:S. Chithra.
SCRIPT WRITER:Shyamaprasad.
EDITOR:Vinod Sukumaran.

Sreeram Ramachandran

Krishna Chandran

Srinda Ashab




Artist Review

Review By Ramesh Thambi
Raing: 3/5

Artist - Simply about the complication in a relationship!

Artist is about a complicated relationship between a painter and his love lady. Like in Shyamaprasad's 'Ore Kadal', here too the girl falls madly with the intelligent careless man, tolerates his eccentric behaviors, mood swings and arrogance, but continue to love him anyway.

Michel Agnelo (Fahadh Fazil) and Gayathri (Ann Augustine) fall in love with each other while studying in Fine Arts college. Michel who is a very passionate painter starts a living together life with Gayathri, after both dropping out of college. He refuses to go to college and persuades Gayathri to do the earnings. Later, on an important day he met with an accident and loses eyesight. The rest of the movie is all about Gayathri's struggle to keep him going.

Fahad Fazil has done a decent job as the artist though constrained in his comfort zone of acting. Sreeram as Abhi did a fine job either. This film may earn him more roles too. But the show stealer is surprisingly, Ann Augustine- who came up with a fantastic performance, the best in her career. Siddharth Siva is good either. Vanitha and Krishnachandran as Gayathri's parents did well too.

The technical side of the film is neat. The editing, camerawork and music are appropriate for the film. The song 'Prakashame' will be etched in our minds for long.
In short, Artist is a good Shyamaprasad movie, without expecting any kind of usual dreams. It reminds us the harsh realities of life where we reach a particular point in life and there is no going back from there!!

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