Sunday, December 16, 2018

Adiyum Andamum

Adiyum Andamum is a Tamil - movie directed by Kaushik.

Adiyum Andamum Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Kaushik.


Adiyum Andamum Synopsis

Life they say is a circle, the beginning is the end and the end is where it all begins. This is no psychological ranting but the plot of the upcoming movie Adiyum Andamum. Norm in the industry today is to choose a script that is uncluttered, straight forward and simple, the young director Kaushik is cut out of a different mould, thinking out of the box to scheme a psychological plot that will thrill the audience. 

The script has been ably encouraged by the producers RSR and NK Kraft Private Limited. The cast and the crew of the film have braved the bone crunching cold of Ooty to make the movie aesthetically brilliant and now would proceed to Hyderabad, Chennai and Pudhucherry for further schedules of the shoot. 

While D.S.Vaasan handles the camera for the thriller the film has technicians par excellence in the form of Music Director L.V. Ganesan son of the legendary music director L.Vaidhyanathan, editor M.Rameshbharathi and lyricist Na.Muthukumar. Ajaay holds the center stage as the hero being supported by heroines Mitali Agarwal, Kavita Srinivasan and character artists Ramanathan, Yvaan Swang have been working day and night with the vagaries of weather to make the project an astounding success quotes the director who has the additional responsibility of Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction and has also penned lyrics for the flick with Na.Muthukumar.

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