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Mr. Bean The laughing Riot

Mr. Bean The laughing Riot is a Malayalam - movie directed by Reji Paul. Starring Kriti Kapoor.

Mr. Bean The laughing Riot Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Reji Paul.
PRODUCER:Jayachandran Napoli, Sijo Josheph, Abhilash Vijaykumar,Divya Darshan.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Pushpan Divakaran.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Raja Krishnan,-.
LYRICIST:Padmaja Radhakrishnan,-.

Mr. Bean The laughing Riot Synopsis

Mr.Bean is a story of four youngsters who plays their field in insurance department. Life is a difficult challenge foe these youngsters, despite being grown adults, has trouble completing even the simplest of tasks.

Babukuttan, EDward,Ajayan,Nassar constitutes the four Mr.Beans in this movie. Their mind simply doesn`t seem to comprehend things the way an average person would and their life is one long disaster because of this, which they left to sort out themselves as they don`t want to mix it with anyone else. As you can predict nothing works out in their favour. But they never gives up and despite the simplest of tasks being a constant struggle for them, applying their own ludicrously comical methods of solving problems paying off in the end

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Rajshri Deshpande,Kannan Nayar,Sujeesh KS.

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