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Chandra is a Kannada - movie directed by Roopa Iyer. Starring Shriya Saran,Ganesh Venkatraman,Prem,Vivek,Ramya Krishnan,(Special Appearance).

Chandra Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Roopa Iyer.

Chandra Synopsis

Roopa Iyer latest film `Chandra` revolves around the life of a princess. Shriya Saran plays the central character in the film. 

Apart from special appearances, `Chandra` is Shriya Saran`s first Kannada film. The other cast includes Ganesh Venkatraman will play a cool NRI, who comes to India from the United States. Kannada actor Prem will be the other protagonist

Roopa Iyer is making `Chandra` in a grand style in Kannada and other languages. Director Roopa Iyer studied the life of many royal families in India for the film. The last branches of royal families are not in a position to adjust to normal social life. They do not get the right match to lead a royal life that is a gift for them from ancestors.

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