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Nandadeepa is a Kannada - movie directed by Shivu Hiremath. Starring Devaraj,Shruthi,Master Manoj,Sanjana Rao,Karibasavayya and others.

Nandadeepa Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Shivu Hiremath.
BANNER: Namana Films
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Gururaj Hoskote.



Master Manoj

Sanjana Rao

Karibasavayya and others

Nandadeepa Review

`Nandadeepa` - a disappointing film

The story of Nandadeepa is based on the song Kanneerina Kathe (Story Of Tears), written by well-known singer-lyricist Gururaj Hosakote who has based his story on a real life incident that took place 35 years ago.

If you are looking for a realistic and authentic presentation of the story, you are sure to be disappointed. Nandadeepa comes out as a regular, commercial tearjerker, which was made in the 1960s and `70s.

Debutant director Shivu Hiremath didn`t bother to improve the narrative. He has relied on the old style.

The film is replete with crudely narrated sequences. The so-called comedy scenes are handled in a pathetic manner. The story telling method adopted in the film is designed to ruffle the sentiments of audiences, especially females.

No female audience will come out of the theatres without tears in their eyes. This film will surely rule the box office, producer Anaji Nagaraj claimed in the pre-release press meet of the film.

But both director-producer fail to fulfil to live up the hype created before the release of the movie.

While most of the characters speak in the North Karnataka accent, the lead artistes Devaraj and Shurthi continue to speak in old Mysore accent.

While many Kannada filmmakers are using the state of art technology and trying to match standards maintained in Tamil and Telugu films, Nagaraj makes a film that is utterly outdated and technically poor.

The story goes like this:

Naganna is a poor businessman who goes out of his villages to sell pearls. His wife Shanthi and son Ramu manage to live in the little earnings. As luck would have it, Shanthi dies and Naganna is forced to marry again. His second wife epitomizes cruelty and deceit.

When Naganna goes out to do business, Ramu becomes a tool of exploitation for his stepmother. He is made to starve and work for his stepmother. And the tearjerker sequences are repeated all over again.

It is just difficult to explain why artistes like Devaraj and Shruthi had accepted such roles. But they have done justice to their roles despite a poor script.

Master Manoj has tried to do some good work. Other artists are seen more than the lead actors but nothing special could be said about them.

Harikrishna`s music is has nothing special. M.R. Seenu`s camerawork is just okay.

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