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Police Story-3

Police Story-3 is a Kannada - movie directed by Thriller Manju and six other directors. Starring Sudeep,Thriller Manju,Sathya Prakash,Sadhu Kokila,Bullet Prakash,Neha Patil.

Police Story-3 Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Thriller Manju and six other directors.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: J.G. Krishna with five other cinematographers.

Thriller Manju

Sathya Prakash

Sadhu Kokila

Bullet Prakash

Neha Patil

Police Story-3 Review

`Police Story-3` is a disappointment (IANS Film Review) 


"Police Story-3" is the second sequel of the much successful "Police Story" that was released over ten years ago.

"Police Story-2" failed to do wonders at the box office. With the second sequel, the quality quotient of the series has fallen further.

"Police Story-3" has an achievement to its credit as it was shot within twelve hours on a single a day. Its first copy was out within 10 days and 14 hours which would enable the film to enter the record books.

Despite this, it is a dampener because what you see is a montage of sequences shot by six different directors with assistance from six cinematographers.

An honest police officer Vijay, played by Thriller Manju, is assigned the job of taking on the dreaded don MK. He trains four undertrials to create a commando group to take on MK. Another daring cop played by Sudeep, kills MK`s brother Soorya, which weakens MK`s hold. Finally Vijay combats MK to finish him off.

It looks like that the makers were interested more in creating a record and did not therefore bother about the technical niceties of the film.

The performance of new artists is bad. Thriller Manju`s fights do not look fresh. Comedy artists like Sadhu, Bullet Prakash and Madhu fail to make any impression.

The only redeeming feature is Sudeep`s two-sequence performance with an electrifying fight.

Dialogues and screenplay are bad, along with a poor story.

Cinematography is disappointing as a lot of shots seem to be out of focus. Sudeep`s sequences though are well shot.

"Police Story-3" is much weaker than its two prequels. Nevertheless, its filming and release within only a few days might fetch it a name in record books.

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