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Varan is a Malayalam - movie directed by Gunesekhar. Starring Allu Arjun,Arya,Bhanusree Mehra,Suhasini,Narsh.

Varan Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Gunesekhar.
BANNER: Thammens
PRODUCER:Shibu Thameens.

Bhanusree Mehra


Varan Review

The villain kidnaps the heroine and the hero gets her back. The why and how is what Allu Arjun`s Gunashekhar directed VARAN is all about! The first half is an absolute, class family entertainer, while the second half takes the shape of a mass, commercial flick. The film basically deals with the Indian culture, marriage and the present day thoughts of the younger generation. A five day marriage ritual, which is observed in Indian Telugu culture, is highlight of the movie.

Sandeep aka Sandy (Allu arjun) is born and brought u in the close knit family atmosphere, where respect to the family values and traditions is given super importance. Sandy is a new generation youngster, with some modern thoughts in looking at the society. Though a well educated modern individual, Sandy has some typical dreams about his marriage life. He wants to settle down with an arranged marriage and want sto see his bride, on the day of marriage to take, at the Jeelkara bellam ritual. Till then, he does not want to see his bride and wants his marriage and wants to see his bride, and wants his marriage to take place for five full days, like in olden days. His elders select a suitable bride Deepthi (Banu). On the wedding day, things take a U turn as Deepthi is kidnapped. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Allu Arjun plays the role of Sandeep well and his six pack abs is well highlighted in the movie. Arjun does a creditable performance with dances and the acrobatic fights. Tamil hero Arya, who charged Rs.2 crore as remuneration for Varan, is the villain and plays the character Diwakar, whose a 20 minute long plot on his identity adds value to the plot. Brahmandham as a marriage broker gives some moments of smiles among the audiences. Suhasini`s acting is excellent. The rest of cast has done justice to their respective roles Music by Mani Sharma is good and goes according to the script. Of course, there is an overdose of violence in the second half but the director would say the story demands it. At in all, Varan is an eye pleasing delight.

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