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Mukhbiir is a Bollywood - movie directed by Mani Shankar. Starring Suniel Shetty,Om Puri,Sushant Singh,Raj Zutshi,Kelly Dorji,Jackie Shroff,Sammir Dattani,Rahul Dev,Raima Sen,Alok Nath.

Mukhbiir Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mani Shankar.
BANNER: Color Chips Entertainment & Media Limited
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Karthik Raja, Illayaraja.
STORY WRITER:Mani Shankar.

Suniel Shetty

Sushant Singh

Raj Zutshi

Kelly Dorji

Sammir Dattani

Alok Nath

Mukhbiir Synopsis

In our world today where good and evil are deepli enmeshed.... where terrorism and fear stalks through our streets, where peace and sanity can get ripped off in an instant....revealing the hidden face of death and devastation - live a chosen few on the razozrs edge

This is a film about one such young man who is an informer for the intelligence department and the many masks he wears - enacting a desperate drama where forgetting the lines means instant death. This is the story of the many lives he has to live...the many deaths he has to die...because information is vital.

It`s a gripping film about a rare few who choose to become hunted shadows so that others like us may live in peace and enjoy the sunshine. It`s a film where the espionage meets the underworld - the world that is all around us, yet beyond our grasp. Ever present , yet never seen. True and credible in every detail...

The story of the informer has never been told before. That is because informers live in the world of shadows, leading secret lives. After years of research to understand the hidden truth about them, here is one film which takes you into their world, their life and probably their minds....

Here is the life of a `Mukhbir` - the world`s most dangerous profession!

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