Sunday, September 27, 2020

Life Ki Aisi Ki Taisi

Life Ki Aisi Ki Taisi is a Bollywood Satirical Comedy movie directed by Ejaz Ahmed. Starring Muzahid Khan,Zafar Shayk,Javed Hyder,Mithilesh Singh Zoya Khan,Sunil Pal,Riyana Sukla,Mushtaq Khan.

Life Ki Aisi Ki Taisi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Ejaz Ahmed.
BANNER: 7 Heaven Entertainment
GENRE:Satirical Comedy
PRODUCER:Faiyaz Khan.
LYRICIST:Ejaz Ahmed.

Muzahid Khan

Zafar Shayk

Javed Hyder

Mithilesh Singh Zoya Khan

Sunil Pal

Riyana Sukla

Mushtaq Khan

Life Ki Aisi Ki Taisi Synopsis

Who has black money in INDIA ? definitely not the common man…. but in reality the black money which was once white is the money of common man … who pays his tax from his limited salary and then how it reaches the corrupts is another story . But our story is about how few common young men who wants their money back from these people. So four friends who are considered losers plan to rob a politician , who has robbed poor villagers money allotted by the government for the betterment of their villages and how this politicians make them into a terrorist and how they over come the situation and gets the money and expose the truth in front of public trapped inside a bank where they came to rob the politician’s money forms the story and plot in a very comic way

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Life Ki Aisi Ki Taisi trailer

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