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Aishwarya is a Bollywood - movie directed by Joy Antony.

Aishwarya Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Joy Antony.
PRODUCER:Rajesh Kottoppadath.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Vishnu Narayan.
SINGERS:Shan, Sunidhi Chowhan, Guna Kannjha Wala, Alaka Agni.


Aishwarya Synopsis

Marriedlife is a fragile christal bowl that can be broken at the slightest tremor.  Remember, scattered glass pieces,glued together cannot restore the beautiful bowl.

Sanju is an advertisement film director. He lives with his wife Hena . Rahul is his assistant and he is an introvert. He has a friendly attachment with Sanju`s family. Hena happened to know about Sanju`s illegitimate connection with an advertisement movie actress, Sara. Hena was having severe resentment and displeasure in Sanju`s careless attitude in married life  .
Exploiting the extreme curiosity  of Rahul, Hena takes initiative to make a close relationship with him. Unexpectedly they are witnessed by their apartment`s lady-guard  and she approaches Hena to blackmail  by demanding a huge amount. But she hesitates to give the cash.  

Under the intensity of his possessiveness towards Hena, Rahul thinks that, if Sanju will be picturized as a murderer he would be able to get Hena as his own forever .  Planning like this, in a shooting-location, Rahul secretely kills Sara  (Girl-friend of Sanju), after arranging many circumstancial evidences  against Sanju.  Simultaneosly Hena was forced to kill the lady-guard in clash without any preplanning .

After these assasinations, both of them ran way from the city. But they were caught from a remote  area by the police.Hena and Rahul were put into jail. As a result of the investigation and the trials,  Rahul gets the ultimate death-punishment by the court. When  Hena knows about this, she becomes a mental patient. And court sends her to the mental hospital for the treatment with the support of her husband- Sanju.

We dedicate this film to those married couples who lived together  in happy union and companionship till death, and to those  who continue to live in love ,constantly rediscovering themselves.  

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