Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Untold Story AAHINSA

The Untold Story AAHINSA is a Bollywood - movie directed by Yusuf Ali Khan. Starring Nafe Khan,Kaashvi kanchan,Neetu wadwa,Anup Shukla.

The Untold Story AAHINSA Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Yusuf Ali Khan.
BANNER: Down To Earth Entertaiment pvt
PRODUCER:Imad Habib,Naresh Rane.
STORY WRITER:Yusuf Ali Khan.

Nafe Khan

Kaashvi kanchan

Neetu wadwa

Anup Shukla

The Untold Story AAHINSA Synopsis

Aahinsa , The Untold Story is a Bollywood Movie that has touched the untouched subject of Cow slaughtering in India in an entertaining manner.

The Untold Story AAHINSA, a Bollywood Film based on the cruelty rendered to cows in India. We have highlighted the issue of cow slaughtering in India in an entertaining manner. The Film makers have taken a daring step to touch the untouched subject in Indian cinema.

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The Untold Story AAHINSA Stills

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The Untold Story AAHINSA trailer

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