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Muavza is a Bollywood Drama movie directed by Girish Juneja. Starring Akhilendra Mishra,Pankaj Beri, Govind Pandey,Deepak Verma,Tejinder,Kamlesh Gill,Manoj Bakshi,Annu Kapoor.

Muavza Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Girish Juneja.
BANNER: Jagson Entertainment Company's Film
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Upmanyu - Jaidev.
STORY WRITER:Girish Juneja.

Pankaj Beri

Govind Pandey

Deepak Verma


Kamlesh Gill

Manoj Bakshi

Muavza Synopsis

Jagson International Ltd, India`s second largest company in the fieild of offshore drilling for Oil and Gas Exploration in the country, has moved into Film Production under the banner Jagson Entertainment Company. Looking at 2-3 films a year, their first venture is releasing on 4 th April 2014.


As the metropolis of New Delhi expands into the neighboring villages, the seemingly worthless patches of land hold the promise of millions for the penniless landowners. The owners sniff huge monitory compensations.
At the center of the story are 2 Gujjar families of Basoya & Bhati from a Village. Then there is a shrewd character, Bechu Bhai - a catalyst to the events to come- who makes the villagers aware about the government compensation. Bechu Bhai is a guy found in every mohhalla, every street and every village or city. Simpletons at heart, the Gujjar families receive huge amount of monies when suddenly their lands acquire `priceless` status due to this expansion. Their absolutely hilarious way of spending money gives an insight about their characters.

On this premise, Muavza is rib tickling, super sarcastic, unique story of razor sharp wit focusing on the lives of Nuevo Rich of New Delhi & NCR. Their lifestyles, before & after, their identity crises & their raw approach to everything, their chowdharayat to prove their one-upmanship..spin a tale which is warm, endearing, exceedingly funny and full of moral lessons.

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