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Dee Saturday Night

Dee Saturday Night is a Bollywood Drama movie directed by Jay Prakkash,. Starring Prashant Narayanan,Arif Zakaria,Aman Verma,Amit Dimri,Mahi Khanduri,Gaurav Dixit,Mushtaq Khan,Vishwajeet Pradhan,Nazneen Patel,Bobby Darling,Amit Dimri,Vijendra Vijay,vivek rajput.

Dee Saturday Night Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Jay Prakkash,.
PRODUCER:Y . K. Sharma, Roli Prakash.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:,Sameer Tandon,,Suzzane D'mello,Shivi Singh,Sandeepnath.
SINGERS:Kailash Kher,Ankit Tiwari,Akriti Kakkar,Shaan,Keerthi Sagathia,Palak Muchhal,Akriti Kakkar,Suzzane D'mello,Shivi Singh,Vipin Aneja,Debolina Bose,Rana Majumdar.

Aman Verma

Amit Dimri

Mahi Khanduri

Gaurav Dixit

Mushtaq Khan

Vishwajeet Pradhan

Nazneen Patel

Bobby Darling

Amit Dimri

Vijendra Vijay

vivek rajput

Dee Saturday Night Synopsis

Shiwani Dixit (Mahi Khanduri), a highly ambitious girl from Meerut, has some big dreams to fulfill. Armed with strong aspiration to make fortune she sets foot in Mumbai where she thinks her dreams will be realized. Her expedition begins as a computer operator in a renowned construction company. While doing this job she is befriended by Neha, who is personal secretary to D.K. Raheja (Nasir Abdulla), the owner of the construction company. Through Neha, she gets exposed to the night life of Mumbai. Gradually drink, drug and disco become a part of her life. Friend circle expands as she comes into contact with many high-profile models and aspirant actors while indulging in private dance parties and rave parties. While partying many a time she is caught along with others in the police raids conducted by ACP Vikas Dhoble (Arif Zakaria) and his team. Shiwani meets Ashutosh (Gaurav Dixit) first on face-book, then in person and loses her heart to him. Like her, Ashutosh is also a materialistically ambitious guy. He soon reciprocates her love and the life leads them both to a different path. In order to achieve his goal, Ashutosh uses her emotionally and sends her to spend a weekend with D.K. Raheja. Though it was a one-time sacrifice that she was to make for her lover, she had to go through a great deal of emotional pain to do it. Soon the story takes a dramatic twist when it is revealed on her that Ashutosh is already married. Betrayed and emotionally broken, she leaves him and moves on in life.

The journey of her life has many interesting highs and lows. At a later stage, Rohit Verma (Prashant Narayanan) comes in her life. A hardcore contract killer, Rohit proves to be a true lover. Shiwani now makes up her mind to use Rohit so as to take revenge on Ashutosh.

Would she succeed in her plan?
Would a cold-blooded shooter like Rohit Verma be easily persuaded to commit the crime? Does ACP Vikas Dhoble succeed in nabbing Rohit Verma?

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