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Boyss Toh Boyss Hain

Boyss Toh Boyss Hain is a Bollywood - movie directed by Amit Vats. Starring Raj Kumar Yadav,Anshuman Jha,Dhruv Ganesh,Aarya Kumar,Bhanu Sri Mehra.

Boyss Toh Boyss Hain Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Amit Vats.
PRODUCER:Anup Jalota Chaitannya Swami.
SINGERS:Mohit Chauhan,-.
LYRICIST:Panchhi Jalonvi,-.
STORY WRITER:Satyajit Krushna Mahanti.

Raj Kumar Yadav

Anshuman Jha

Dhruv Ganesh

Aarya Kumar

Boyss Toh Boyss Hain Synopsis

‘Boyss Toh Boyss Hain’ is a story of four youths grappling with their own unique situations that make their life a thrilling roller coaster ride. From impotency to socially dysfunctional girlfriends and from selling sex to fending off materialistic parents and eventually a rape charge, this not-so-awesome foursome live through the most hilarious, embarrassing and even thought-provoking moments onscreen. With an ensemble cast that includes the super-talented Raj Kumar Yadav, Anshuman Jha, Dhruv Ganesh and debutant Aarya Kumar in the lead, other than these Aadil Hussain, Divya Dutta, Manu Rishi Chadha are also performing. This slice of life film is the season’s most rib-tickling laugh riot. Produced by Anup Jalota and Chaitannya Swami and directed by Amit Vats, ‘Boyss Toh Boyss Hain’ will leave you wondering if boys ever evolve into men…! So this June, get ready for the Boyss!

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