Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jeet Lengey Jahaan

Jeet Lengey Jahaan is a Bollywood Drama,Social movie Starring Goldy Sumal,Paras Singh Minhas,Neelambari Perumal,Ajay Shukla,Sharhaan Singh,Poonam Mathur,Gautham Kurup,Manmeet Singh,Avijit Dutt,Nasser Abdullah,Mukul Nag,Himanshi Khurana,Sonnel Singh,Choreograph.

Jeet Lengey Jahaan Cast / Crew
BANNER: Ashoka Motion Picture
PRODUCER:Sanju Singh.
LYRICIST:Turaz,Ravi Basnet.

Goldy Sumal

Paras Singh Minhas

Neelambari Perumal

Ajay Shukla

Sharhaan Singh

Poonam Mathur

Gautham Kurup

Manmeet Singh

Avijit Dutt

Nasser Abdullah

Mukul Nag

Himanshi Khurana

Sonnel Singh


Jeet Lengey Jahaan Synopsis

Jeet lengey jahaan is not only film but a movement for youth .

All three characters of this film face different issues in their life. Where one side nidaan encountered with darkside of the spritual world on the otherside ajay has to face racial discrimination in australia. Jhappi is fighting with his inner conscience as he has to be involove in corrupt activities under influence of his senior officers. After meeting at a point of time they decide to fight against their frustration and adopt alternate careers for them. Nidaan decides to join politics in order to achieve power to fight against our corrupt system. Ajay decides to utilize his talent for his own country. Jhappi determines to do his own duty honestly and not to support his corrupt officers. Ajay finds his lady “saloni” and starts living his romantic life with her. They all are settled in their lives right then saloni abducted and latrd gang raped by three guys out of whom one “ranvijay” is a son of justice satyawaan dewedi. Jhappi with the help of some evidences arrest them but like always they get released from the court availing the advantage of ranvijay’s father.

All efforts by ajay and jhappi proves worthless to get ranvijay punished from the court and they both lose their hope from the court whereas nidaan is still hopefull from the law and justice. Later ajay and jhappi make a plan and catch ranvijay and his friends red handed while rapinga agirl. They produce ample evidences and witnesses in the court and finally court sentences ranvijay and his friends for seven year’s imprisonment. But suddenly the girl victim leaves everyone in a shock to reveal that the culprints have already punished the other way.

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