Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Milan Talkies

Milan Talkies is a Bollywood - movie directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia . Starring Priyanka Chopra,Imran Khan.

Milan Talkies Cast / Crew

Milan Talkies Movie News

Ali Fazal played many roles for 'Milan Talkies'

Actor Ali Fazal, who has wrapped up the first schedule for Tigmanshu Dhulia's "Milan Talkies", says he feels a "deep" connect to the project as he not just acted in it, but did other roles behind the camera."We just wrapped a hectic schedule in Mathura and Lucknow for 'Milan Talkies'. It's been surreal, this journey with my maestro - Tigmanshu Dhulia. Cinema isn't just what we see on that one Friday; it's this! This is an artiste's life," Ali said in a statement.Read More

Ali Fazal drops over 10 kg for 'Milan Talkies'

Actor Ali Fazal has dropped more than 10 kg weight for his role in the upcoming film "Milan Talkies". He says it takes a lot of focus and will to do it."It felt so good to know I could look both buff and lean if I put my heart to it. But I am a lean guy and I am most comfortable in this avatar. It takes a lot of focus and will to do it, especially the diet part," Ali said in a statement.Read More

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